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Fish park site

The fish park, or what is known as the Jabalia Park, is located in the Zamalek region in the Egyptian city of Cairo. Khedive Ismail ordered its establishment in 1867 AD, and it is considered one of the best parks built in the Khedive era, and its area is approximately nine acres and half an acre, and was supervised by the Zoo Department in Giza in 1902, and contains more than 33 species of Nile marine fish that are located in about 24 ponds specially prepared to contain them, and this garden was officially opened in November of 1902, but it was closed for many years in order to renew and repair damaged ones by scientific authorities And distinguished engineering from the Ministry of Egyptian cultivation, and then re-opened again in 1983.

The Egyptian fish garden is distinguished by its beautiful design, which was used in its construction of clay mixture mixed with red sand and a substance called Asomorel, in addition to the ordinary bricks and some supporting tools that take the shape of the gills of fish, which makes the appearance of the mountain look very similar to the fish.

The contents of the garden from the inside

Garden details start from the main gate, which is in the form of two openings, one for entry and the other for exit, each in the form of gills of fish, followed by the foyer area, and on the side of each hole two fins lead to the four lanes that are distributed to all areas of the garden, either from the design of the mountain Inside, it is in the form of deep cavities inside coral reefs deep in the sea, while the corridor roofs move through the air in the form of waves of magnificent maritime scenery wandering between deep caves.

The four lanes separate a group of green lands that contain many beautiful and rare trees in the country that have been specially transported from Madagascar, Thailand and Australia, which is famous for its vast forests full of unique and distinctive trees, and the designers have excelled in shining colorful lights on the dark places in a distinctive and striking manner.

The park currently includes more than 49 aquariums for rare and diverse fish, including Nile and marine fish and colorful varieties of ornamental fish that give the ponds a glamorous beauty with sun reflections on them through top openings, and the garden also contains a section for displaying stuffed fish, and another section that has a number of turtles and reptiles The marine that collects in the depths of the swamps, in addition to a large basin at the beginning of the garden that contains predatory fish such as sharks and pork, as the garden contains a major hatchery of fish and two greenhouses to sterilize and treat the water needed for the fish to live.

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