What is the city of Sanaa famous for?

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Sanaa city

The city of Sanaa is located in the center of the Republic of Yemen, which is its capital and largest city, and the city of Sanaa is located in a mountainous area raised on the mountains of Al-Surat, and it has no sea port, and it has a single air outlet, which is the international airport of Sana’a, and it also branches from several roads to the north and south, up to the city Aden is a coastal city, and the city acquires its importance from being the political and historical capital of the Republic of Yemen, and many ministries and governmental, Arab and foreign institutions are stationed in it, in addition to its industrial and commercial activities, and the population of the city of Sana’a, according to a statistic conducted in the year 2004, reached about 1747834 people. .

What is the city of Sanaa famous for?

The city of Sanaa is very famous world wide for preserving the heritage of the ancient city of Sana’a, in addition to its distinctive architectural character, as the city is surrounded by a very old wall, and it still exists so far, which made it one of the historical world cities on the World Heritage List, as is the city of Sanaa has a moderate climate, with moderate temperatures in winter and summer.

A brief history of Sanaa

The city of Sanaa is considered one of the oldest cities in the world, which dates back to the sixth century BC and in particular to the Saba dynasty, it was called the city of Azal until the Ethiopians changed the name to Sana’a, and they called it this name in relation to the quality of its industry, and with the development and development of the language it became Today known as Sana’a, the city of Sana’a remained until the year 1990 AD the capital of the Republic of Yemen for North Yemen prior to its unification, then it became the capital of the Republic of Yemen after the Union of North Yemen and South Yemen in the year 1990 AD.

Sanaa’s geographical location

Sana’a is located in the middle of the western mountain range that extends from the far north to the south in the Republic of Yemen. It is bordered on the north by the governorates of Al-Jawf and Amran, on the eastern side by the Ma’rib Governorate, on the southern side by the Dhamar Governorate, and on the western side by the governorates of Mahwit and Hodeidah.

Sanaa Terrain

The topography of the city of Sanaa varies from high mountains to low agricultural valleys, and it is located among its topography, the summit of the Prophet Shoaib Mountain, which is the highest mountain peak in Yemen and the Arabian Peninsula, which reaches a height above sea level to 3760 m, and the slopes of Sanaa are linked to the Himaytin mountain range and the Haraz Mountains, The Khulan mountain range is located to the east of the city.

Historic monuments in Sanaa

  • Mosques: Its mosques are distinguished by its high minarets and white-domed domes, which reach about fifty mosques, the most famous of which is the Great Mosque in Sana’a which is the first mosque built in Yemen, and one of the oldest Islamic mosques that were built in the era of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him.
  • Popular markets: Diversified in goods and commodities, the most famous of which are 20 markets, including: the salt market, the silver market, the cloth market, and the copper market.
  • Museums: There are many museums in Sanaa, the most famous of which is the National Museum that was established in 1971, and the Military Museum that was founded in the 1980s.
  • Public baths: It is used by the general public for the purpose of bathing, relaxing, or therapy.

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