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The island of Malaysia, Langkawi, is called the jewel of the Malay Keda state, and it is known as the island of dreams and legends, and therefore we find a place that attracts tourists and visitors to it from all over the world, in order to seek recreation amid a nature rich in charm and magnificence, and its distinctive sea view.
This island is known as an archipelago of ninety nine islands, in addition to five other islands, appear in the Andaman Sea when the tide drops in, and overlooks the Indian Ocean, and is located thirty kilometers from the northwestern coast of the state of Malaysia, and separates it from the city of Penang a distance Estimate one hour in the car.

The most important islands there

The Langkawi Islands are an integral part of the state that borders the borders of the state of Thailand, which is known as (Kedah), and the island (Pulawlangkawi) is the largest island in this archipelago, with a population estimated at more than forty five thousand people, and this is the island populated in a manner The largest and largest, which is located near the (Pulau Tuba), and then comes the island (Pulaudiangpuntang), and then the island (Tuba).
The area of ​​the island of Langkawi is approximately four hundred thousand and seventy-eight square kilometers, while the population of it is more than ninety-four thousand people, and the region of Langkawi is an administrative region, which is exempt from all customs duties and taxes and therefore forms a free zone.

Tourism in Langkawi

The island of Langkawi attracts many tourists, whether from the Malaysian interior, or from the outside of the country, due to the tranquility that this island enjoys, in addition to the scenic landscapes, etc. There are available methods for recreation and services in all its forms, as we find an important transportation network that links parts The island together, and the availability of hotels and tourist places in abundance, in addition to the presence of a small international airport.
One of the most important areas that a tourist intends when visiting the state of Malaysia, going to Langkawi Island, is to go on a sea trip and see the islands near the Grand Island, as most of these islands are uninhabited, still in pristine nature, in addition to going to see the waterfalls that are extensively present in these islands, These are natural waterfalls, and the tourist can also ride on the cable car that passes through most of the islands of this archipelago, not to mention diving and enjoying the world under the sea, and watching marine creatures close up. And zoo lovers should visit the crocodile garden, which is unique in crocodile breeding. As for the shopping enthusiasts, the capital Kuah is their first destination where it contains two important shopping centers where the free zone is there. Also, those who love forests can enter the mangrove forests where they can feed eagles on the Coral Island near Indian Ocean.


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