What is the capital of Estonia

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The city of Tallinn

Tallinn is the capital of Estonia, and it was called back until the year one thousand nine hundred and eighteen in the city of Refal, or Revell (English: Reval), and it is located in the northwestern side of Estonia, and overlooks the coast of the Gulf of Finland as the southern side It is the political and administrative axis of the country, as it is the seat of the national government, besides it is the center of the most important official institutions, from ministries, government offices, and others.
It is worth noting that the city of Tallinn is considered to be the seat of the Estonian Presidential Palace, as Tallinn is the educational, financial and economic center in Estonia, and its main cultural headquarters, and it is important to mention that the historical center of this city is included as a site of the World Heritage and Organization of the United Nations Because it contains many castles, archeological churches, and other monuments.

The geographical and astronomical location of the city of Tallinn

Tallinn extends geographically on the northern coast of Estonia to the Baltic Sea, and is eighty kilometers south of the Finnish capital, Helsinki, knowing that it extends over a total area of ​​approximately 159.2 km2 in a strategic geographical location; where this city is located, and in this country, and in this country It is located on the latitude (59.26) north, and on longitude (24.45) east.

About the population of Tallinn

The capital, Tallinn, is the largest city in Estonia with regard to the dense population, with a population of about 450,305 people, while its population density reaches 2,800 people per square kilometer.

About the economy of Tallinn

The city of Tallinn is considered the official commercial port in Estonia, and it is the most important industrial center of the country, as it is considered the main location for various fishing, knowing that the construction of ships and the construction of machinery are among the most important engineering industries that support the economy of Tallinn, in addition to Made in Tallinn.
It should be noted that there are those who call the capital of Estonia (Silicon Valley) in Europe because it contains the largest amount per capita of startup companies in this continent, especially in the information technology sector.


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