Where is the island of Cyprus located?

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The island of Cyprus is located in the east of the Mediterranean basin in southeastern Europe, and northwestern Asia, and its name dates back to that it was famous for its copper manufacturing and derived from the word from the Greek language Cyprus, which means copper in the Latin language. Cyprus is considered one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean and comes It is in the third place after Sicily and Sardinia, and it has an area of ​​9,250 and its climate is mild, rainy in winter and hot in summer.

The composition of the population of Cyprus

The population of Cyprus is divided into two parts, a Greek part and a Turkish part, as they differ in the language, religion and race, and there are similarities between them in social customs, and the residents of Cyprus speak the Greek language and the Turkish language and the most prevalent language in the English language, and religions abound in Cyprus, there are Christians, Orthodox and Islam that the Turks embrace .

History of Cyprus

The history of Cyprus dates back to the ancient peoples that inhabited it. It was settled from Greece. Cyprus was invaded by the Assyrians, Egyptians, Persians, Romans and Greece. Saint Plus and Saint Barnabas spread Christianity in Cyprus, so Cyprus became a Byzantine Empire, and King Richard seized and sold Cyprus. To the French, then the Ottoman Turks conquered the island of Cyprus in the sixteenth century and ruled it until they handed it over to Britain.

Landmarks and arts of Cyprus

In Cyprus, Greek music and Greek rhythmic dance are prevalent in all places and a large number of restaurants. All types of Greek music are available in all hotels, and hotels also include all the services, so tourists from all parts of the earth come to enjoy the picturesque beaches, dance and music, and there are many places Worth visiting in Cyprus:

  • Limassol: It is a resort located on a beautiful beach ten miles long and this resort has shopping centers and restaurants to suit all tastes, and there is the Lemesos Castle and the Cyprus Museum, the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Folk Art, and municipal gardens, and there is an art gallery and a lot of luxury hotels.
  • Amocostos and its golden beaches: Which provide comfort and relaxation and there are the most beautiful beaches of Macronius, the bay of fig trees, and luxurious hotels with different stars that attract those looking for the warm sun, and there are traditional windmills, and modern irrigation methods have been made to irrigate the fertile red soil.
  • Troodos region and its mountains: With stunning views, old country houses, pine forests and cedar trees.
  • Nicosia: It is one of the oldest capitals and is located in the heart of Cyprus, and is characterized by its beautiful gate, which was protecting the ancient city, and the most beautiful portal of Fama Ghosta that still exists to this time, and there is a group of restaurants that satisfy all tastes.

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