Where is Tlemcen located? How much is the distance between Tlemcen and Algiers? How far is Tlemcen from Oran? One of the most important questions we receive from our dear visitors who wish to tourism in Tlemcen, Algeria. In this report, we will answer those questions and more, but let us know a glimpse of that special city.
Tlemcen, or as the pearl of the Maghreb is known, is one of the most important tourism destinations in Algeria.
Among the most prominent of these landmarks is the Cave of Bani Aad, which is the second largest cave in the world with a depth of more than 57 meters underground. The beaches of Tlemcen on the Mediterranean are also among the most visited places by tourists and the local population.

Where is Tlemcen located?

Best hotels in Tlemcen

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Where is Tlemcen located in Algeria?

Where is Tlemcen located on the map:

Tlemcen is located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, northwest of the state of Algeria. You can see the map below to find out exactly where Tlemcen is located in Algeria on Google Maps:

The distances between Tlemcen and the most important cities of Algeria:

After we became well acquainted with where Tlemcen is located, let us now know the distances between it and other important cities of Algeria, such as the capital, Oran, and Sidi Bel Abbes, and how to get from them to Tlemcen and vice versa.

The distance between Tlemcen and Algiers

The shortest distance between the capital of Algeria and the city of Tlemcen is about 516 km according to Google Maps, and that distance can be covered in approximately 5 and a half hours by car on the path A1 shown in the following map.

The distance between Tlemcen and Oran

Tlemcen is 173 kilometers away from Oran, and one of the two destinations can be reached in two hours, only 10 minutes by car on the fastest land route between them and shown on the map below.

The distance between Tlemcen and Sidi Bel Abbes

The distance between Sidi Bel Abbes and Tlemcen is about 92 kilometers according to Google Maps, and that distance can be covered in approximately one hour by car on the road shown in the following map.

The distance between Tlemcen and Biskra

The shortest distance between the two cities is about 857 km, which is approximately a 10 and a half hour drive by car on Track A1, or 11 and a half and a half hours via indirect flights.

The distance between Tlemcen and Annaba

The distance between the two destinations is 1050 km. It is possible to travel from Annaba to Tlemcen and back in approximately 10 hours and 55 minutes by car on the A1 track or in 10 hours and 5 minutes via indirect flights.

After we got to know together where the city of Tlemcen is located and the most important information about it and how to reach it from the different cities of Algeria, you can see the most important places of tourism in Tlemcen by following the following article … Read more

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