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Lama Island

Lama Island is the least developed island among the Hong Kong islands, and the third island in terms of area, which is about 44 km. Lama Island is famous for being a popular tourist destination, as visitors come to see the scenic landscape. Traditional festivals where visitors can learn about the history of the island, and the Tin Hau Festival is one of the most prominent festivals held by the local fishing community. The island also includes many seafood restaurants that offer some of the delicious authentic Chinese cuisine in Hong Kong.

Mount Victoria

Mount Victoria is one of the most important features of Hong Kong, and can be reached by driving a tram to the top of the mountain, where visitors will be able to see the skyscrapers in the city, in addition to the surrounding islands, and they can wander in the park area for an hour or two, as well Evening time is one of the best times to visit the top of the mountain, so tourists will be able to see the night sky with a beautiful skyline.

Happy Valley Racecourse

Visitors can go to the Happy Valley Racecourse without having to place a bet to watch the races, and this large track limits the skyscrapers located in the heart of the city, which makes the scene astonishing when it lights up in the night races, where horses enter the races amid a warm welcome from thousands of fans .

Dae Bae Dong

Dai Bae Dong is a street food stalls, with a few seats beside it. These stalls provide the most delicious pasta and rice dishes, in addition to the wonderful seafood, but there are some restrictions imposed by the government on the region.

Ocean park

The Ocean Park in Hong Kong includes many different recreational activities, you can see the huge aquarium, and look at the rare and exotic wildlife, and the frustrated park has the largest fish dome in the world, with a diameter of 5.5 meters, and you can see thousands of species of fish from approximately 400 species , In addition to a tunnel of coral reefs, sea stars, and sea cucumbers. Above the sea, visitors can also see giant pandas, red pandas, and giant Chinese salamanders endangered, and there are some fun games that include fun games in the park.

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