Why do not you have to travel alone?

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We have often read about articles that talk about the magnificence of a person’s travel experience alone, and advise a lot about this experience, but all that is said about the magnificence of this experience, and how it is “an experiment that you should do at least once in your life”, is not entirely true, it is true that there is Many advantages and advantages to traveling alone, however, there are very annoying drawbacks to a single travel experience.

Here are reasons why you can forget the idea of ​​traveling alone on your next tourist trip, and start looking for a travel companion to share the pleasure of travel:
Traveling alone is more expensive:

When you travel alone, you will suddenly feel that everything has become more expensive, and of course you will not find someone to share with him the expensive taxi or the cost of staying in the hotel, and the fact that there are some tourist facilities and hotels that charge higher wages than the tourist who gets the service alone while offering discounts For groups that include a large number of individuals.

Eating alone is very frustrating:

When you are alone you will find it difficult to go out to eat alone in a restaurant because you will not want to draw attention to you by sitting alone while everyone around you is sitting with their comrades, this will most likely lead you to go to a fast, modest quality restaurant, where you can eat Quickly go your way before you catch the eye or eat alone in your hotel room, and both options are of course very frustrating, remember that half of the pleasure of eating out is to share a meal with others and eat good food while exchanging interesting conversation with another person.

The photos you take will be mostly selfies:

Anyone who has traveled on a tourist trip alone before must have completely mastered the art of taking selfies because of all the selfies he took next to the famous tourist attractions in his tourist destination, the person who travels on a tourist trip alone often takes selfies if he wants to take Pictures because he could not ask strangers next to him to take his picture every time he wanted to take pictures.

Traveling alone can be dangerous:

When you travel alone, you take a great risk, because a single tourist in a foreign country is always an easy target for thieves and criminals. Unfortunately, individual travelers are often subjected to very bad experiences, when traveling alone, you will not find a companion to rely on in case you fall into trouble, You will not find anyone to help you when you steal your wallet in which all your money is located and perhaps your luggage will be stolen when you sleep during a long bus journey in the absence of a travel companion attentive next to you.

It is difficult to make new friends when you travel alone:

Have you ever been alone to a group of people to chat with in an attempt to get to know them to make new friends? A scenario of this kind is difficult to imagine in fact. Having new friends while traveling is difficult enough when you are with other people, but it is almost impossible when you are alone, at best and if you are brave enough to try to make friends on your own with a group of people When you meet them in a restaurant or inside the hotel, you will find that they talk with you politely and discreetly, but it will not develop for a true friendship, and the presence of an additional person in your company will help to break the ice and others feel some confidence when talking to you for the first time and perhaps this will encourage them to open up a little without feeling Worried about Nway K.

Traveling alone can be very boring:

If you are not the type of person who prefers to spend most of the time alone and away from the noise, you will feel real bored when traveling on your tourist trip alone, because you will find a limited number of activities that you can do on your own during your tourist trip, you may consider going on a tour of your tourist destination Or inside a number of museums on your own, and maybe you sit on the beach to read your favorite book, all of the above is very cool but over time you will feel bored what will you do next? Do you imagine trying to ride a bike and go on a tour alone? Or try one of the exciting and dangerous activities on your own such as swimming in a shark cage or skydiving? That sounds kind of a bit, isn’t it? At times like this you’ll say inside I wish I was with a friend to share all this with.

Traveling alone will not make you able to relax easily:

Spending time alone is OK and will give you a chance to have a little bit of reflection in your life, but spending a lot of time alone will give you a lot of time to meditate and think and you will find many questions in your mind about your options in life, your career, your past, your present and your future, and you will find that simpler Things like watching the sunset or toddlers laugh and play arouse a cascade of feelings inside you, meditation and a little deep thinking are not a bad thing but many of them will not make you be able to relax and enjoy your tourist trip.

Small problems seem big when you are alone:

We often face a number of minor problems while traveling, such as not being able to catch the train on time, the bus that will connect you to a place, the fear of losing your reservation due to this, your pain due to eating unhealthy food, problems of this type that are annoying without a doubt, but you will laugh at it If you are with other friends, if you are alone then everything looks like a huge problem and persistent misfortune throughout your trip.

No one shares your travel memories when you travel alone:

When you travel to a tourist destination, especially if it is for the first time, you will make hundreds of memories there about the unfamiliar local food that you ate, the impressive tourist attractions that you witnessed, the exciting experiences and adventures that you have fought, memories like this will be of great importance to you and you will want to talk about them to everyone when You return to your homeland, but your friends and family members may not interact much with your stories and conversations about your tourist trip and they will not want to listen to you while you are talking about it, at a time like this you will really want to have someone to share the memories of your trip and is one of the best travel companion who will always be part of this Tastier Reat.

Why do not you have to travel alone - Why do not you have to travel alone?
Eating alone is very frustrating

1581286412 506 Why do not you have to travel alone - Why do not you have to travel alone?
It is hard to make new friends when you travel alone

1581286412 700 Why do not you have to travel alone - Why do not you have to travel alone?
The photos you take during your solo travel will mostly be selfies

1581286413 905 Why do not you have to travel alone - Why do not you have to travel alone?
Traveling alone can be very boring

1581286413 351 Why do not you have to travel alone - Why do not you have to travel alone?
Traveling alone can be dangerous

1581286413 378 Why do not you have to travel alone - Why do not you have to travel alone?
Traveling alone is more expensive


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