Are you still looking for Tourist trips for Eid al-Fitr for the year 2020 ? It will undoubtedly be a great holiday with the onset of summer in late June, especially if you choose to head out for relaxation between the beautiful islands of the Mediterranean or the Indian Ocean or to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and ancient culture of the Caucasus Mountains.
Enjoy the spiritual atmosphere of Ramadan and do your religious duties and do not worry about planning a lot for your next trip on Happy Eid Al-Fitr. You can join one of the offers offered to you by Arab travelers, the links below.


Holiday-Turkey_Turkey-tourist-for-Eid-Fitr-2017_367436231Fragrant history, the originality of the past and the present, and the beauty of the green nature and virgin beaches, open to Arab travelers its arms extending from the east on the outskirts of the borders with Georgia and Armenia to the west where the coasts of the Aegean and Marmara sea and Istanbul are the capital of the three civilizations, and from the north where you promise secrets, beaches and mountains of the Black Sea region to the south where magic Famous beaches overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.
In Istanbul, there are many landmarks and mosques that take you away from a historical trip to the era of the Ottoman Caliphate, and another that enriches you a cultural experience in modern Turkey, especially shopping streets and commercial centers, and one of the things that would not be complete without a visit to Turkey without the very famous ancient city of Cappadocia located in the central Anatolia region.
You can choose between the coasts of Antalya, Analia, Mersin, Marmaris and Fethiye overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, and the most famous destinations that should not be missed are the charming Oludeniz or Blue Lagoon area, the Kemer coastal resort and the beautiful village of Kayakoy and the Valley of the Butterfly. You can also go to the north, which embraces the Black Sea in a number of well-known cities such as Trabzon, Gerson, Amasya and the village of Safranbolu.
– Tourism offers in Turkey … wonderful tourist trips


Holiday-Armenia_Armenia -Tours-on-Eid-Al-Fitr-2017_407033599
The Caucasus Land is the new trend for Arab travelers, so we invite you to visit Armenia starting from the main tourist destination in it which is the pink capital “Yerevan” full of old buildings and classic classic architecture as it is considered one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world it was established about 29 years before Rome, then go to A large group of charming natural places scattered in the country.
Ararat Mountain which is the country’s icon is the highest mountain in the world from its base and not at sea level, and you cannot be proud of your visit to Armenia if you have not visited this ancient mountain, and the same may be said about visiting Sevan Lake, which is the second highest lake in the world, and often What locals and international travelers visit to swim in its waters, to lie back, and to enjoy its white sandy beaches.
You can also head to the Arax Valley, the Diligan Forest, many mountain destinations and valleys that characterize the country, especially the Dipid Canyon, which is characterized by a rich folklore and a set of UNESCO-designated humanitarian heritage landmarks. And if you want to experience living in an old town in the mountains, you can go to Jurys, which is located above the Sionic Mountains, to live a slow traditional life with the locals.
– Tourist offers in Armenia


Holiday-Greece_ tourist-holiday-Eid al-Fitr454573919There is no need to ask about the most beautiful tourist destinations in Greece, as all the countries are wonderful with their islands, beaches, mountains and monuments all over the place, starting from Santorini with its white buildings and full of romantic scenes, and it is the island that is always ranked in the lists of the best islands to visit in the world, especially for honeymoon, which is the best island In Europe, according to the Trip Advisor classification.
Going to more other promising islands, there is Crete which is the largest in Greece and the island of Zakynthos famous for its sandy beaches and white rocks, and the island of Nea Kameni near Santorini and its beautiful rados, which in each of these islands can practice swimming, diving and various sports activities.
If you are a fan of ancient Greek history, then the Greek capital, Athens, takes you to live that civilization through the Acropolis building, which is located on a hill overlooking the entire city and many of the ruins, and you will also be amazed by the effects of the famous Delphi area located below Mount Parnassus, which is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage, The Meteora monasteries are another cultural tourist destination that is impressive thanks to its construction of rocks between the arms of nature.
– Special offers and tourist trips to Greece


Holiday-Mai_Egypt_Tours-for-Eid-Fitr_289528175It is the closest destination to you, dear Arab traveler, both geographically and culturally, promising you with many surprises from its resorts on picturesque beaches, especially those overlooking the Red Sea or through cruise trips that sail across the Nile River, as for cultural and historical monuments, they also take you to the depths of authentic history starting from The Pyramids of Giza and access to many Egyptian temples dating back more than 50 centuries.
If you are a fan of learning about the ancient Egyptian civilization, you should visit the Egyptian Museum and Karnak Temple which is the largest ancient religious building in the world, as well as Abu Simbel Temple and Luxor Temple and the temples of Philae Island, and you should also go to the streets, markets and mosques of ancient Cairo to see the landmarks of ancient Islamic civilization, either If you are a fan of relaxing on the beach or diving enthusiasts between coral reefs and water activities, you should go to the famous resorts in Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada or in the village of Dahab.
And because your visit will be during Eid Al-Fitr, be sure to taste the famous traditional Egyptian sweets and Eid cakes represented by the strange, sable, biscuits and others, as your exit to the Nile Corniche and the parks for walks will bring you together with the local people and learn about the way they celebrate Eid Al-Fitr, especially with delicious street food, perhaps riding a Nile boat It is the best picnic experience you can take in Cairo during Eid.
– Travel to Egypt … great tourist offers


Holiday-May_Georgia-tourist-for-Eid-Fitr_148065539Sakartvelo, as the people of the country call it, includes a large group of landmarks that attract tourists to it, especially from recent Arab travelers, who come to study, medical tourism or recreation and enjoy the beauty of the scenic nature between mountains and forests, or its capital, Tbilisi, which mixes historical and very modern architectural styles and teems with As full of life as if you were in one of the European capitals.
Georgia promises a great welcome to the capital, Tbilisi, in addition to historical monuments such as Narikala Castle and Senoy Cathedral, as well as treatment and recreation in the spa hot springs and spa which is a feature of the city of Borjomi, and the western side of Georgia includes an important group of beach resorts on the shores of the Black Sea, especially in the city of Batumi .
The experience that we do not recommend you to miss is to take the highway of the Georgian military, which passes between you between the high mountains of the Caucasus Mountains, passing through a group of ancient villages and cities such as Mtskheta, which is the center of the Georgian Orthodox Church, in addition to Kazbegi, Kutaisi and others. There is no doubt that it will be one of the most beautiful tourist trips for Eid al-Fitr for the year 2020.
– Travel offers in Georgia


Holiday-May-Islands-Seychelles-cruises-for-Eid al-Fitr_295432781With its beautiful and secluded location in the middle of the Indian Ocean, not far from the Arabian Peninsula, where the available flights from the capitals of the Gulf countries take only 4 to 5 hours, and with its warm tropical climate throughout the year, the Seychelles is considered a paradise for Arab travelers at any time of the year even if it is a holiday As short as the Eid al-Fitr holiday.
And not to mention the geographical location and climate, there is a group of reasons that make you decide to travel there, as the virgin beaches with its white sand can make you enjoy your private beach, green heights and easy access to the summit of Mount Morne Seychelles promise you a time full of activity and fun and watching tropical birds, especially the birds of Paradise endangered .
You can discover the capital Victoria, which is located on the largest island, which is “Mahi”, for a half-day picnic only, but do not miss to live with the local people and their wonderful markets, and then you can head to the most famous island of Annecy beach or the Bay of Falun to enjoy the scenery of sunset.
– Tourist offers in the Seychelles

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