It is located on the eastern coast of the Gulf of Thailand, about 100 kilometers (62 mi) southeast of Bangkok, within the Ban Lamung District of Chonburi Province, but not part of it. Pattaya City is a municipal autonomous region that covers the Nong Prue and Na Klua strains and parts From Huai Yai and Nong Pla Lai. The city is located in the industrial east coast region, along with Si Racha, Lime Chapang and Chonburi. Pattaya is located in the center of the Pattaya-Chonburi metropolitan area – a residential area in Chonburi Province – with a population of about 1,000,000 people.
The only real waterfall in Chonburi Province of which Pattaya is a part, is the Chantathine Waterfall which is sometimes known as the Ang Nam Nam Waterfall.

Located on Khao Yai Mountain in the Khao Chom Phu Wildlife Sanctuary, Fifth Level Waterfall is an excellent daily trip from Pattaya. Seeing the waterfall in its most spectacular situation is obviously desirable to go in the rainy season, although this makes rock climbing risky.

Shantan Waterfall

There are two roads that reach the waterfall, either following the same water or even rocks that go along. As you reach the five hills, you will reach natural beauty areas with swimming pools where you can swim with fish to cool.
Although climbing is available for children and fitness, he cautions that if you reduce movement, climbing can be a little difficult.
At the bottom of the waterfall, there’s plenty of room ideal for picnics and photo opportunities. Camping is permitted on the Wildlife Study Station waterfall site, and the visitor will seize the opportunity to return to nature.
Pattaya is surrounded by tons of exciting and exciting places like the city itself. From admiring religious treasures, relaxing in luxury beach resorts, swimming in charming beaches, indulging in a shopping spree or savor some delicious Thai cuisine – you can do it all. So if you need a party break, check out these ten amazing places near Pattaya.

Chantathen Waterfall has 5 levels in altitude with a total distance of 1 km. There are two paths that lead up and down: the first one follows along the waterfall itself or along different rock levels, a very popular route for visitors who want to watch the waterfall closely. The best time to visit is immediately after the end of the rainy season while water in the dry season may be less abundant. Visitors to the hut can track the rocks and down. Chan Chan Than a waterfall under the supervision of Khou Khyou-Khao Chumblue Wildlife Conservation Area and Khao Khiyou Nature and Wildlife Station. The station offers camping activities for young people interested in learning more about nature and wildlife.

Tourist attractions in Pattaya

Pattaya, on the east coast of Thailand, hosts an amazing array of attractions. The collection includes anything from ancient Thai traditions to modern adventures. You can find the simple pleasures of the most vibrant party street in the country or humility with unique religious treasures. Explore nature, art, science and culture in ways you’ve never imagined. Enjoy the raw beauty of a rainforest canopy or the sparkle and charm of a nightclub stage. Our list of the 10 best attractions in Pattaya is just a sample of the amazing variety you can find in the area. These are the absolute characteristics to consider that each path must have for each visitor. Many of the items on our list are unique in Thailand while others are unparalleled in the whole world.

Sanctuary of Truth

The Temple of Truth may be the most famous temple in Pattaya. The stunning 105-meter-long hall, completely housed in teak wood, is a unique building in the whole world. Neither temple nor palace, although resembling a hybrid of both, was commissioned by a local businessman to act as a place of appreciation for philosophy, art, culture and faith, without being associated with a single religion.

Pattaya Floating Market

Known as the “Four Floating Areas Market”, the subdivisions of this 100,000 square meter project represent the four main regions of Thailand – North, Northeast, Central and South. This representation comes in the form of stores and kiosks selling souvenirs, fruits, food, art and crafts, postcards and clothing, as well as regular cultural shows and demonstrations. Some of the 114 sellers are already floating, selling their goods from traditional boats and boats. The rest is built in a strong hanging village, with covered walkways and strong bridges connecting them.

Mueang County

Ang Sila

It is a fishing village about 5 kilometers from Chonburi. Ang Sila was once one of the oldest coastal resorts. The village is famous for its home-making, as it produces mortars and animal statues, such as elephants, horses, and tigers. Ang Sila also has a number of seafood restaurants. On the beach, villagers can be found selling fresh oysters, and a wide range of local handicrafts is available for sale to tourists.

Khao Sam Mok

The cliff overlooking the sea has become a tourist place where the legend says that the couple tragically ended their lives after they pledged their eternal love for each other. Sam Muk Hill is inhabited by more wild monkeys and a beautiful cactus garden.

Marine Science Institute

Located on the campus of Purva University. The institute has evolved from the Aquarium and the Saline Aquatic Museum through financial assistance from the Government of Japan. This institute aims to be the center of studies on marine science, and it consists of three parts: the Museum of Marine Sciences, the center of marine animal breeding and the marine ocean research laboratory.

Nong Moon Market

A famous market of handicrafts and local souvenirs for Chonburi is about 1 km from the intersection leading to Bang Sen. Among its well-known purchases are various types of dried seafood, Khao Lam or Prickly Rice baked in bamboo, Hor Mok (steamed spicy fish cakes), hoi-jor (deep fried shrimp cakes), sweetened banana chips and taro, and preserved sweetened fruits .

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