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Chiang Mai city

Chiang Mai is considered one of the best tourist attractions in Thailand, as it enjoys its slightly cold weather, green hills, and the possibility of practicing various tourism activities in it, such as: visiting temples, discovering the northern Thai culture, and touring the markets that provide different goods at cheap prices. , Drinking local coffee, visiting good restaurants, and many outdoor activities and adventures.

Bay Village

The small village of Pai is located on the banks of the river, and it is noteworthy that it was a home to the ancient hippie movement with traces of their culture until the present time.

Riley Beach

Railay Beach is a major place for rock climbing in the southeastern part of Asia, surrounded by mountains, which makes it difficult to reach it only through a small boat. It also gives tourists the opportunity to climb rocks, enjoy the beautiful scenery, and walk on the sandy beaches with White color.

The Lo Soo Waterfall

Thi Lo Su Waterfall is one of the best tourist attractions in Thailand, where it is the highest and largest waterfalls in it, and reaches a height of about 300 meters, and extends to about 500 meters through a series of naturally carved limestone, as can be reached It is on foot or by boat, and it is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Sutong Bay Bridge

Suong Pae Bridge is located in Mae Hong Son Province, and is one of the places worth visiting in Thailand. It is an ancient bridge made of bamboo that was built on the lands donated by the owners of local rice farms. It is noteworthy that the local villagers and monks contributed to its construction, and the bridge is still in use at the present time, as the locals use it to cross the vast rice fields.

Other tourist places in Thailand

Thailand hosts many other tourist attractions, including the following:

  • Ko Chang Island, which is one of the quiet tourist islands in Thailand.
  • Ko Lanta Island, near Krabi Province.
  • Ko Pha Ngan Island.
  • Ko Samet island.
  • Phuket island.
  • Ko Chang National Park, located in Trat Province.

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