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Al-Waqq Island

It is a group of islands mentioned in ancient Arab heritage books, but it has not been confirmed whether these islands are real or are they inspired by fiction and legends, so that there are many people who did not pass their ears mentioned, and do not know what is condom, and I mentioned Most books and novels have their location in one of the seas of China or India.

The reason for calling the condom a condom

He mentioned in the past that the reason for calling Al-Waqq Island a condom by this name is due to the presence of a kind of fruits present in it, which comes in the form of the heads of women hanging, with long feeling, hanging on the branches of trees, where as the maturity and the air passed through its cavities, a voice is heard as saying Waqq), but as for the traveling scholar Ibn Battuta, he had another theory, as he says that this word has entered into Arabic, which is taken from a Chinese word called (Waku), a name that the Chinese used to call Japan in ancient times.

Some scholars, such as Muhammad ibn Zakariyat al-Zahwi, said that the condom is a country rich in gold to the point that its inhabitants wore gold dogs and monkeys, and even their clothes were woven from gold threads, as another scientist said that this country was under the rule of a queen who sits on a throne and is naked She wears a crown on her head, and has four thousand naked bridesmaids, who have never been married.

Al-Waqq is a name that the Arabs gave to two different countries of the country that seafarers used to visit, while the first country is located in the Far East, a region located in northern China, according to the opinions of Orientalists, and the second country is an island frequented by the Arabs when they were on their way to another region of The regions of the eastern coast of the continent of Africa, called (the island of Madagascar), where they named this coast by the safala and they traveled to it a lot, due to the large number of gold in it, according to the opinion of Muhammad bin Zakaria Al-Zahwi and the British orientalist Kramers, who confirmed that they witnessed the fruits of the condom with the same description that was described in it .

The country of condom is literary in literature

The Al-Waqq Islands was mentioned in many ancient books and novels, such as the book “One Thousand and One Nights, where it was mentioned as fairy tales and legends inspired by fiction. Also, there was a book of the writer the life of rubies, where I considered it a novel from the literature of fiction, and I called it (Ales in Al-Waqq Al-Waqq (And replaced the word wonders with condom), in addition to some other books that mentioned the island of condom.

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