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It is located in Spain, on the Mediterranean Sea, and is one of the main islands in it, alongside the Canary Islands, divided into two parts. The first is located in the southwest and it is called Pteusas, which includes both Ibiza and Formentera. Majorca, Menorca and Cabrera. The Balearic Islands is an autonomous region, with its capital in Palma. Agriculture and fishing are among its most important economic activities, and its inhabitants speak Spanish.

History of the Balearic Islands

Many civilizations have built on the land of the Balearic Islands, the most important of which are: Talayotec civilization in relation to the stone towers that they were building which were called talayots and continued for a long time on its land. The most important archaeological studies found from the remains of this civilization are bronze swords, animal heads, and pottery, then The islands were occupied by the Carthaginians, the Romens, the Vanadas, the Byzantines, and the Islamic rule. After the succession of these civilizations, the islands were declared an independent kingdom in 1298 AD, and in 1349 AD they joined the Aragans again until 1708 AD, when the British occupied Maon Island, and in 1833 AD the islands were declared As a province Spanish, and in 1931 AD, the idea of ​​autonomy for the islands came up and started in 1983.

Tourism in the Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands are considered an important destination for tourists due to their wonderful climate and distinct location. Each island has a distinct advantage from the other and the most important islands in it:
  • Majorca Island: Its capital is Palma, as it is one of the islands most diverse in nature, climate and tourism activities, in which you can find rural areas, protected natural areas, mountains, and beaches, and in it a large park, it plays an important role in cultural terms where there are the best historical cultural centers in Europe.
  • Ibiza Island: Also called the White Island, it enjoys picturesque beaches and nature reserves, which prompted UNESCO to grant it a World Heritage Class. It has a coastline that extends 210 km, making it suitable for swimming and water sports.
  • Menorca island: It is a symbol of peace and tranquility in nature trees. It is characterized by stunning landscapes, rocky beaches and an island suitable for walking and cycling, it is surrounded by nature in all directions.
  • Cabrera Island: It is characterized by being suitable for various marine sports, such as diving and swimming, because it contains many marine animals that you can see such as octopus, grouper, sea turtles, and dolphins, as you can see sea birds.

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