The highest towers in the world and where they are located

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The highest towers in the world are classified in terms of dependence on the highest real floor in the building, the height of the roof of the building, the height of the building top, and the height of the mast on the roof of the tower. In this article we will show the highest towers in the world as follows:

The world’s highest towers

Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is considered one of the highest towers in the world. It is located in Dubai, one of the Emirates of the United Arab Emirates, and has a height of eight hundred and twenty eight meters. It was built in 2004 AD on the twenty-first day of September, and its external structure was built in 2009 AD on the first day of October, Officially it opened in 2010 AD on the fourth day of January, and among its advantages: It contains the highest balcony open to the public, the highest mosque, the highest restaurant, and a swimming pool.

The tower was built on a floor area of ​​526.760 m 2, with a financial amount of one and a half billion dollars, and it consists of 200 floors, 3000 parking lots, 160 rooms and suites, 49 floors dedicated to offices, 57 elevators, 1044 apartments, and the number of glass panels for travelers traveling in the vehicle’s external façade 28.261 thousand slabs, and the area of ​​the gardens surrounding its base is 19 hectares, and 12 thousand people reside in it.

Shanghai Tower

It is located in the city of Shanghai in the state of China, and it is designed by Ginsler, and was built in 2008 in the month of November, and its construction was completed in 2014 in the month of July, with a height of 632 m, and the highest floor in it with a height of 556.7 m, the number of floors of 121 floors, and the number of elevators, 106 elevators.

The top of other world towers

From the top of the other towers are the following:

The name of the sign
City and state
It is above ground level
the number of floors
House towers
Mecca in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
601 m
120 floors
Ping An Tower known as the International Financial Center
Shenzhen City, China
599 m
115 floors
World Trade Center
New York State in the United States of America
541.3 m
104 floors
Taipei 101 Tower
The city of Taipei in Taiwan
509 m
101 floors
International Trade Center
The city of Hong Kong in the state of Hong Kong
484 m
118 floors
Petronas Tower
Kuala Lumpur city in Malaysia
452 m
88 floors
Marina Tower 101
Dubai city in the United Arab Emirates
426.5 m
101 floors
Trump International Tower
City of Chicago in the United States of America
423 m
98 floors
Jin Mao Tower
Shanghai city, China
420.5 m
88 floors
Princess Tower
Dubai city in the United Arab Emirates
414 m
101 floors


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