Antiquities of ancient Libya

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Great mane

Leptis Magna is considered one of the most famous and most beautiful ancient Roman cities in Libya, and it is the largest landmark for tourists in the Republic, knowing that this city was founded by the Roman leader Septimius Severus. As for the city’s location, it is located in the Khums region (in English: Al Khums); it is located about 130 kilometers from Tripoli, and it is worth noting that the area includes a large group of unique ancient Roman ruins, beautiful overlooking the Mediterranean, and has been classified Within the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Acacus flowed

The Tadrart Acacus (English: Tadrart Acacus) is one of the most important monuments that are famous for the rock arts inscribed on the rocks of its caves. .

The House of Mass

The Museum of the Great House, located in the center of the city of Tripoli, is the most interesting museum in the world. UNESCO praised the large collections of important archaeological pieces, due to what it offers about what is related to the history of Libya.


The history of the founding of Cyrena, or Cyren (English: Cyrene) dates back to the year 630 BC, at the hands of the Greeks, knowing that the city briefly revealed ancient Greek in Africa, and it is worth noting that the city has become an important archaeological site for visitors to enjoy viewing temples , And ancient statues from the ancient Greek era.


Ghadames is one of the ancient Libyan cities, and it is characterized by its white walls, in addition to its streets that provide comfort, and the cold for the pedestrians, because it is covered.

Red Castle Museum

The Red Castle Museum (English: Red Castle Museum) – which is located in the city of Tripoli – dates back to 5000 years, through the monuments and monuments in the area, which were left behind by successive civilizations on the territory of the Libyan Republic.


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