Tourism in the Netherlands

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The Dutch lands are divided into two parts: one section is located in northwestern Europe, and the other part is located in the Caribbean Sea, and the name of the European Gate has been called on the Netherlands, because it connects to various European countries through its various ports, such as: rivers, or railways, or through Amsterdam Airport It is the best international airport in Europe that connects Amsterdam with all countries of the world.

Tourism in it

The Netherlands is characterized by a mild weather that encouraged many tourists worldwide to visit the tourist sites in it, as it
It is characterized by the availability of all the services the tourist needs such as restaurants, cafes, museums, and various means of transportation, such as: metro trains, buses, subways, and electric trains that connect all cities with each other, providing comfort and reassurance to the tourist.

Tourist appearances are varied in the Netherlands, for the most part, Amsterdam is the famous region of the world, and it is widely visited by tourists. In the seventeenth century, when that era was one of the best eras for the Netherlands, it was called the Dutch era, and there are many Dutch sites that suit tourists.

The most famous tourist areas

The most famous tourist areas:

  • Delta Project: The delta project is considered one of the most beautiful areas in the world, as it was chosen as a miracle of the Seven Wonders of the World.
  • Groningen Museum: It is one of the museums scattered in various regions of the Netherlands, and this museum is located in the region of Groningen, and contains antiquities, and types of art such as the history of plastic art, and the construction of the incognito is a masterpiece in and of itself.
  • Naturalis Museum: This museum is located in the city of Leiden, and it is characterized by the combination of modernity and ancient history, where it shows nature since ancient times, and it is one of the museums that provide a suitable environment for adults and children.
  • Hoge Veluwe Park: It is a very large national nature reserve, which includes forest trees and sand dunes.
  • Recreational areas: There are many recreational sites in the Netherlands, such as: lakes areas, mills where there are mills, or flower regions, as these sites thrive between April and October, and parks that contain different types of flowers can be visited. The inhabitants of the Netherlands are famous. By caring for flowers, they surpassed all countries with this craft.


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