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Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain, after Madrid. It is considered the capital of the Catalonia region. It is located in the northeastern side of the Iberian Peninsula, and it overlooks the Mediterranean shore between the estuaries of the Borigat and Bisios rivers. It is a city inhabited by about one million six hundred thousand people, and the Catalan city has hosted In the 1992 Olympic Games.

General information about Barcelona

Here is some general information about Barcelona:

  • Geography: The Spanish city of Barcelona sits on a plateau with a width of approximately five kilometers, and as for its borders, it is connected to the Coulsoula mountain range with borders, and from the southwestern side it is bordered by the Uriegat River, while from the northern side, the Bizor river is located, and the total area of ​​the plateau reaches about a hundred and seventy kilometers Sq.m.
  • the climate: The climate of Barcelona is influenced by the climate of the Mediterranean cities. It records an annual average rainfall of about 7,000 mm annually and most of it falls during the winter season. As for the summer, the city records average temperatures with a degree of up to twenty-four during August.
  • Economy: Barcelona is one of the most important commercial cities in Spain, as it ranks first among the major industrial cities, and it is also a center of attraction of great importance, in addition to the presence of major banks in it such as Caixa Catalunya and La Caixaz Bank.
  • Sports: Barcelona is famous for its sporting side, as it hosts two ancient clubs, and the two teams have participated in many World Cup and European leagues, and they belong to Barcelona, ​​namely Barcelona and Espanyol, and Barcelona takes its own stadium from the Camp Stadium, a stadium that accommodates more It is ninety-eight spectators, and is considered the largest stadium in the European continent.

Archaeological sites

Visitors to Barcelona are usually advised to visit a group of ancient sites, which are:
  • Church of the Holy Family: This ancient church was built by the international architectural designer Antonio Gaudi and the construction process took fifteen years. The Church of the Holy Family is a magnet for tourists from all over the world, due to its beauty, magnificence and high altitude, and it is also characterized by the abundance of stone statues, which is One of the most famous religious monuments.
  • Barcelona Aquarium: The fish park is located near the port of Wort Ville in Barcelona, ​​Spain. The marine park in Barcelona is one of the strangest and most interesting parks in the city, due to the attractive way in which marine animals are displayed, and it is also of a picturesque nature, and was opened in 1996 In this attractive garden there is the largest fish tank in the world, and this aquarium is formed in the form of a glass corridor through which fish, coral, proximity fish and sea worms are displayed.
  • The National Museum: The origins of this museum go back to the time of the Abbasid Caliph Abu Ja`far al-Mansur.

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