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Tourist islands

Tourist islands are considered one of the most wonderful and best places for recreation trips, on the one hand it is isolated from the modern and tumultuous world, and on the other hand it provides the visitor with a rare opportunity to enjoy its quiet beaches, picturesque scenery, or ancient ruins, which stand witness to important historical events, and can The latter is clearly observed in many Arab islands.

The visitor can also do various activities such as swimming, diving, fishing, and enjoying the beauty of coral reefs, marine creatures, etc., and the most important Arab islands that possess the elements of tourist attractions are as follows.

Arabia islands tourist

Oman’s Masirah Island

It is located in the southeast of the Sultanate, near the city of Tire, and is less than ten miles away, and it is one of the largest Omani islands, with an area of ​​about 640 square kilometers, and it has a great historical status as it has witnessed important events from Omani history, as it includes a tomb The Greek King “Advias”, and this indicates its importance in the ancient times, and its beaches themselves are among the most important elements of tourist attraction in them, in addition to the spread of a number of water springs in the island, the most important of which are “Al Qattara”, “Wadi Bilad”, and others, as there are some The ancient ruins, the most important of which are “Fortress of Marsys”, “Daffia” and Maqqeq Rh archaeological dating back to 3000 BC.

The island of Djerba in Tunisia

It is the largest island in the state of Tunisia, and one of the most beautiful and famous islands of the Mediterranean Sea, with an area of ​​about 520 square kilometers, which made it the third largest Arab island after Socotra in Yemen and the State of Bahrain, and its distinguished location and its rare turquoise beaches made it a favorite kiss for a number of celebrities, presidents and men. The works, as they contain the most important ancient archaeological sites such as the Romen site of “Menanx”, the capital of ancient Jerba, in addition to many Ottoman and Spanish castles and palaces, as well as the oldest Jewish Knesset and the oldest copy of the Torah book in the world, which made it an important destination for religious tourism especially for Jews.

Farasan Islands in Saudi Arabia

It is located in the south of the Red Sea, and it is affiliated with the Jizan region. It is about 45 km away from its shores. It consists of about 250 islands that form an archipelago stretching from the north of Jizan to the south. Its most important islands: the island of Farsad, Al Suqaid, Al Qamah “Salwa” and others, as this archipelago contains many monuments, the most important of which are the Ottoman Castle, the “Luqman” castle, the buildings of “Green”, the Najdi Mosque, and the “House of Jarmal”.

These islands are a great haven for recreation and recreation for many of the residents of the region and for tourists from different regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, because of the calm and fresh air, in addition to its nature and its picturesque beaches, it is mentioned that Saudi Arabia includes a large number of islands up to 1285 islands, most of them in the Red Sea And the Gulf of Aqaba, and these islands possess high attractions, such as picturesque beaches and various coral reefs, making it a popular destination for recreation, diving and fishing.

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