Archeology in the cities of Turkey

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Turkey is one of the countries that link the continent of Asia from the eastern side, and the continent of Europe from the western side, and was known in the past as the Asia Minor. From Russia, the USA, France, Germany, Syria, the Netherlands, the UK, Britain, Bulgaria, and Georgia.

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  • The Bosphorus Bridge, which is 1.510 meters long and 39 meters wide, was completed in 1973.
  • Sultan Ahmed Mosque, known as the Blue Mosque.
  • The Hagia Sophia Museum, which was built in the year 359 AD, was once a church belonging to the Orthodox community.
  • Taksim Square.
  • Covered Market, built in the year 1461 AD, is considered one of the oldest and largest in Turkey.
  • Al-Salmaniya Mosque, it was built in the year 1558 AD, by order of the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent.

Yalova city

  • Cinarcik District, is considered one of the largest popular resorts in Turkey, especially in the Marmara Sea region.
  • Sudoshan Waterfall.
  • Ayant Lake.

Sivas city

  • The Great Mosque, which was built in the year 1228AD.
  • The Red River.
  • Mineral eyes that treat a range of diseases such as psoriasis and vitiligo.
  • Azraq Islamic School.
  • The Ottoman bath, which includes lead, was built in the year 1576 AD.

The effects of Kara Mersal district in Izmit

  • Ottoman baths.
  • Karabinar Natural Baths.
  • Oloklu Summit.
  • Diyar Man Bash Village.
  • Turkish Naval Forces Museum and headquarters.
  • Mongolian wrestling pitches.
  • Karmersel Square, which is famous for the best popular foods.

The city of Kutahya

  • Hot springs such as: Gedez Spring, Mourad Daghi, Inal Heavenly Spring, and Starch Spring.
  • Yongali Resorts.
  • The Great Bath, built in the era of Sultan Alaeddin.
  • Ottoman mosques.

Other monuments in Turkey

  • Nimrard, which is a giant statues belonging to the ancient Komagana Kingdom, and is located in the village of Kakta located in the city of Adi Yaman.
  • Princesses Islands.
  • Harran, which has traces from the era of our master Ibrahim – peace be upon him – and Harran is located in the city of Chanli Urfa, and the most important effects: fish sea, and the cave where the Prophet Ibrahim – peace be upon him – was born.
  • Amasra City.
  • Uzungol Lake, the long sea located in the city of Tarbzwan overlooking the Black Sea.
  • The village of Juma Keys, located in the city of Bursa. The village is famous for its historical Ottoman ruins.
  • The mountain sea valley that connects Fethiye with the city of Antalya, which is located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.
  • The mountainous city of Cappadocia, with traces of Byzantine civilization.

Muhammad Al-Fateh Bridge

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