Beaches close to Istanbul..Ensure you spend a special trip with the most beautiful Turkish beaches, and Arab travelers provide you with a list of the most famous beaches that you cannot miss ..

Beaches close to Istanbul ..

Beaches close to Istanbul..Do not miss its visit once you arrive in Turkey …

Beaches close to Istanbul..Don't miss it once you arrive in Turkey ...Beaches close to Istanbul..Do not miss her visit once you arrived in Turkey … Beaches close to Istanbul..Turkey has the advantage of including a group of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and increased the tourist importance of the city, and made it depend on tourism as a primary source of income, and we offer you, dear tourist, a list of the most beautiful Turkish beaches near Istanbul, perhaps the most prominent one: Read also: The most beautiful beaches of Istanbul .. Each of them has its own charm

Patara Beach ..

Patara Beach ..Patara Beach “Patara Beach” is one of the most beautiful and famous beaches of Turquoise Coast, which enjoys a moderate atmosphere and you can go to it in all seasons of the year, and there you enjoy the most beautiful cruises on board a yacht, as you can enjoy the practice of walking on the beach which is characterized by its length Its scenic natural scenery, and the beach includes a lot of activities such as rowing and snorkeling to enjoy the beauty of coral reefs there, and if you are a fan of adventure do the sport of parachuting and you can not miss mountain biking, and spend your best times with golf courses and abundant number and up to six courses. The beach of Patara is distinguished by its unique location a few miles to the northwest of the Kalkan resort that attracts millions of tourists to it, and the beach of Patara can be considered one of the longest and most beautiful Turkish beaches on the Mediterranean coast, and the beach is characterized by its beautiful nature and its charming scenery where you see white sand strewn with rays The sun to paint the most beautiful painting, tourists prefer to play cricket games on the beach, and get the best sunbath there in addition to swimming.

Kabak Beach:

Kabak Beach:Kabak Beach “Kabak”: It is one of the most beautiful “blue” beaches as they call it in Turkey, because it enjoys clear blue water, and it is characterized by its location near the Fethiye area and you can easily reach it from anywhere in Turkey, and the beach abounds in huge numbers of tourists thanks to the beautiful sunny atmosphere and its containment of The most beautiful dense forests where you can take the most beautiful memorial photos with it, and most of the beach visitors are lovers of hiking and boating adventures and doing the most beautiful cruises, in addition to the experience of camping on the beach and staying in houses built of trees. Read also: Your guide to the best places in Istanbul for families T

Vasilis Beach: “Phaselis”:

Vasilis Beach: “Phaselis”:* Phaselis Beach: “Phaselis”: This beach is distinguished by its great location near the city of Antalya, and it has great tourist importance due to the fact that it contains the ruins of the ancient city of Vasilis and dates back to the seventh century BC, was built in the Romen era, and the task of reaching the beach is very easy through forests Pine trees, considering the longest and softest beach in Turkey, increase its stature with the hearts of tourists.

Fink Beach

Fink Beach* Fink Beach: It is one of the most beautiful beaches of Bodrum, and its wonderful location in Ortakent region gives it aesthetic value, and it is characterized by the establishment of many sports events, the most important of which are: surfing and boating, and you can take care of your skin and body by getting the best massage sessions to achieve more Relax, and enjoy the best fish dishes in the distinctive beach restaurants. Read also: Children’s attractions in Istanbul

Real Blue Beach

Real Blue Beach* Real blue beach: This beach is characterized by its charming views of the sea, where enjoying the beauty of its islands, boats and scenic sunset views. The beach includes the most beautiful sandy beach and swimming pools, and the finest restaurants and buffets where you can eat to the tunes and performances of bands, which is one of The most popular and crowded areas, especially in summer time and the tourist season in Turkey, and the establishment of many entertainment parties, competitions and various activities.

Beach Tower:

Beach Tower: * Beach tower: It is distinguished by its distinguished location on the Black Sea coast and belongs to the University of Bosphorus, and provides you with an atmosphere of romance and comfort thanks to its scenic views and the extension of beach parasols along the beach, and you can practice water sports and eat the most delicious fresh juices from the buffets on the beach.

Dalia Beach:

Dalia Beach: Dalia Beach: This beach is located in Damergkoy Bay on the Black Sea, which is the perfect choice to get more luxury and relaxation and enjoy the most beautiful sunbath on the beach, as the beach provides you with a privacy factor and allows you to enjoy its charming nature and exercise all the sports you love And end your day at the beach by eating delicious dishes from the seafood provided by the restaurant and buffet on the beach.

Golden Beach:

Golden Beach:The Golden Beach: The Golden Beach is located in the Rumeli Vinar area on the Black Sea, and organizes many events and sports activities, most notably: volleyball, mountain climbing, rowing and rock wall climbing and other wonderful adventures, you can still miss spending the most beautiful night parties inside the huts contained in the golden beach And, enjoy the most beautiful beach walks at sunset with your favorite fresh juice.

* Non Stop Beach:

* Non Stop Beach:* Non Stop Beach: This beach is famous for organizing more sporting and recreational activities and events continuously throughout the year, including: water sports and parties, and also includes the most beautiful restaurants and buffets, which is a suitable place for lovers and lovers of marine sports.

Ozonia Beach:

Ozonia Beach:Ozonia Beach: In the past this beach was associated with fishermen, but it has become the most important tourist destination in Turkey at the present time, thanks to its charming natural scenery, and it is considered the most natural beach in Turkey, and it is characterized by elegant elegant parasols that were made from reeds and bamboo and you can spend the best time from Recreation on the wonderful soft sand and grass of Ozonia Beach.

Watap Beach:

And Watap Beach occupies a great place in the hearts of tourists and attracts thousands of visitors annually, unlike it is one of the most beautiful Turkish beaches, but the most important thing is that it is considered the first center for natural sports in Turkey as it is distinguished by its proximity to the city and is 55 km away from it, and is located on the Sea of ​​Marmara, and a majority Visitors to this beach are lovers, married and nature lovers, there you can get the best sunbathing, lying on the grass and sitting under the dense trees there, and you cannot miss the activities that the beach is famous for, the most important of which are: mountain biking, the best cruises and marine adventures, and of course, enjoying what Head of the paintball game. ”

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