Uludag Mountain is located in the city of Bursa, dating back to the Byzantine period (Eastern Rome period), after accepting Christianity as an official language in the Empire of Rome, many monasteries and churches of the monks were established around Uludag.

In addition, when the Ottoman Sultan Orhan Ghazi conquered the city of Bursa, there lived many dervishes (the Santon) such as the famous Douglas Baba, and Gekli Baba thanks to his unique and inspiring nature.

Advantages of Uludag Mountain

First of all in the highest places of Uludag Mountain, there are traces of several glacial lakes including Lake Aynalıgöl, Lake Karagöl and Lake Kilimligöl which is the most important glacial lake among these lakes, and those natural lands dazzle people with their clear blue waters and pine trees.
Second, there are many mineral layers around Uludag Mountain, as are the important tungsten deposits in Turkey.
Finally, mid-December in particular is the opening season for both mountaineering and skiing in Uludag.

The most prominent tourist activities in Uludag Mountain

Uludag is not only a winter sports center; it includes excellent facilities where you can enjoy a wonderful family vacation, the resort is designed to take into account all your needs, sauna, fitness centers, swimming pools and shopping areas are available, and there are cafes, restaurants and a lively nightlife with offers and entertainment to enjoy a vacation experience Don’t forget, the following are the most important tourist activities there:


Many tourists go to Uludag Mountain for skiing, where the height of snow there during the winter is about four meters, and international ski competitions are held there, and skiing is usually available annually as it continues from December to late March.

Take a cable car ride

Tourists can enjoy riding the cable car, as it helps to transport visitors and skiers up the mountain, and they can return to the starting point of the cable car through the cable car or by skiing.

Spend time at restaurants and cafes

There are plenty of restrooms, restaurants and cafes available on the way to Uludag Mountain, where tourists can take a break there and have a meal before completing their trip to the top of the mountain, and it is also possible to enjoy tea at the top of the mountain.

How to get to Uludag

You can reach Uludag by land, it is about 40 kilometers (25 miles) south of Bursa city center, during the summer, you can also reach camping sites in Karabelen, Kirazlıyayla and Sarıalan by road, and there is a cable (teleferik) duration 20 minutes to Sarıalan from Bursa.
You can take a minibus from Sarıalan at regular intervals of 20 minutes to the hotel area, however, for security reasons, you are not allowed to take ski equipment on the cable car, if you prefer to use your equipment and make a road choice, you must make sure there is no precipitation For snow as well as black ice, which may make the road impassable.
It is advisable to put snow tires on your car before your trip and you should also carry snow chains, a puller and a wheel lock.

The best hotels in Uludag

Carina Uludag Hotel

Karina Uludag Hotel is a 4-star hotel, which is located on Uludag Mountain. This hotel works to provide all possible facilities for tourists. It also includes the possibility of skiing from its doorstep. The hotel rooms are spacious and the buffet is excellent.

Olocardesler Hotel

Olocardesler Hotel is one of the wonderful hotels in Uludag. This hotel also offers the ability to ski from the front of its door. It has free Wi-Fi. It includes rooms with cable TV, and its location is very excellent, and the service is great.

Chupankia Orman Koscleri

This hotel offers several accommodation in an excellent location in Uludag, a short distance from Kartanesi. It also offers mountain and garden views. The property includes a spa bath. The hotel is very beautiful for families and is secure at night.

Yesil Yildirim Hotel

It is a 3-star hotel located in Bursa. The hotel includes a 24-hour front desk. It also includes the ability to use free Wi-Fi and free parking. The hotel is clean, good price and convenient location.

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