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Istanbul is one of the largest cities in Turkey, the city is distinguished as a gateway to the outside world, and therefore it is called the Asia Gate, as it is considered an extended city across the continents, where the residential part of it is located in the continent of Asia, while the historical and economic centers are located in the continent of Europe, as well as its location The strategic, which is located at the crossroads of international land and sea routes, which made it an area of ​​the Turkish economy, and Istanbul plays an important and well-known tourist role, in which there are many places that are a source of attraction for tourists, including cultural, heritage, and tourist places, including:

  • Hagia Sophia, which was a cathedral during the sixth century AD, but was later converted into a mosque during the reign of Istanbul’s ruler Mehmed II, and includes the best Islamic and Christian arts.
  • Blue Mosque, also called the Sultan Ahmed Mosque.
  • A colorful Dolma Palace, built in the Ottoman period, contains inside the huge chances that are the largest in the world.
  • Galata Tower, which was built in the fourteenth century in a region called Galata, and it is considered one of the most attractive places for tourists.
  • The Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts, built in the sixteenth century, houses a collection of ancient Ottoman heritage works, in addition to the varied carpets in which it is displayed.


Izmir is located in a long bay, which owns a port on the Aegean Sea, and its mountains extend from the east to the west in Anatolia West, and the valleys of the rivers extend from the Anatolian Plateau to the Aegean Sea, which has facilitated communication with remote places, which distinguishes the city And made it an important commercial center, where the roots of the city go back to the third millennium BC, the city has retained its importance in Romen and ancient Greek times, it is one of the most important Turkish tourist cities, also called the jewel of the Aegean Sea, as it is the third largest city in Turkey in terms of the number Population, the city includes Meg A group of tourist attractions, the most important of which are the tomb of Tantalus, which is an ancient Greek legend, in addition to the Marble Clock Tower, it was built in the nineteenth century, in addition to the Museum of Greek population centers, parks, resorts, bird gardens and shopping centers.


The city is located on the southwestern side of Turkey, on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, it is a coastal region located on the slopes, surrounded by mountains, also called the paradise of the earth, because of its long history, charming nature, in addition to the lifestyle that is characterized by it, As they call it the city of pearls in the Mediterranean and the Turkish Riviera, it is one of the beautiful cities, and tourism in Turkey, and is the fourth most visited city in the world.

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