Bangkok is the capital of “Thailand” one of the most active tourist destinations in the region of Southeast Asia, and is the mystery city in which ancient customs and traditions blend with modernity and contemporary.

When should I visit Bangkok?

The winter season is the peak of the tourist season in Bangkok, especially the period between the months of “November” to “February”, which is the period that follows the stopping of the monsoon winds and preceding the entry of the summer with its high temperature. The tourist situation continues this way until the rains begin in June, when temperatures begin to decrease slightly. As for the rainy season, some tourists find a wonderful opportunity to enjoy in Bangkok because of the small number of visitors and the lack of congestion in temples and archaeological sites, while some may find it inappropriate Because it might rain T in precipitation for several continuous days

Where to go for tourism in Bangkok?

“Bangkok” is a wonderful city that combines sacred and secular worlds, while temples and shrines of a religious nature are spread among Buddhist sects.

Tourist places to visit in Bangkok: –

Hall 21

Hall 21 is not a hall in the airport of Thailand or the railway station, but rather the name of the most famous mall in the city, which is a tourist landmark rather than a commercial center. The reputation of Tourist Hall 21 is due to the fact that it is designed in the form of the roles of each role that carries the form of a country; Like “London” with all its sights, “Paris” in the Eiffel Tower, there are also Turkish, American and Japanese cities.

The Grand Palace

The Grand Palace was built in 1782 AD and was the seat of many Thai ruling families and kings. The palace includes many monuments such as a copy of the “Angkor temple” located in Cambodia, the throne room where King “Rama I” was receiving the pledge of allegiance to the leaders of the state and army commanders, and still This room is still used in traditional ceremonies.

Street 14

14th Street is a tourist’s way to experience life in busy, hot Bangkok with eating spicy and sometimes mysterious foods, as food stalls dot this street and there are many sellers who offer amazing offers.

Important information about Bangkok: –

Phone codes: You must call the code (2 66 00) before making calls from outside Thailand to Bangkok, and (02) to call from within Thailand. If there is one city that you must visit in Thailand it must be “Bangkok” so the city includes the most beautiful tourist attractions in The country such as a number of distinguished temples such as the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, the Temple of Phra Kiwi, in addition to the possibility of many tours in the floating market and Chatuchak Market, the National Museum and the giant swing and the Temple of Sutat.

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