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The Turkish capital, Ankara, is the second largest city in Turkey in terms of area after Istanbul, and is characterized by its modernity and ancient history, as it is an industrial center and a major hub for transportation via public roads and railways, and this has contributed to making the city an important site for trade, and it is recalled that the city’s growth as a center Administrative and commercial relatively recent in spite of its existence for several centuries, and the city includes many famous attractions, including the following:

  • Romen baths, Augustus temple, and relics left from the days of Romen rule in Ulus.
  • Ankara Castle, which is located on a hill above Ulus, has been established for more than a thousand years, and exhibitions, restaurants and the clock tower are among its features.
  • The tomb of the founder, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, which is an important national place.
  • A group of museums such as the Anatolian Civilization Museum.
  • “Genclik Park” public park.
  • A group of high-end hotels.


Istanbul is the largest Turkish city, and it has its striking origins in history. It is also a city spanning continents, where the residential part is located in Asia, while historical and economic centers are located in Europe, and the city is characterized by its strategic location located at the crossroads of international land and sea trade routes, which made Among them is a hub for the Turkish economy, and it is mentioned that the city is called the Asia Gate, in addition to that, the city of Istanbul is a well-known tourist place, where millions of tourists flock to it every year to dive into its broad culture and heritage, and there are many attractions. The following:

  • Hagia Sophia was a cathedral during the sixth century AD, but was converted into a mosque during the reign of Istanbul’s ruler Mehmed II, and includes the best Islamic and Christian arts.
  • Blue Mosque or Sultan Ahmed Mosque.
  • Delightful Dolma Palace.
  • Galata Tower.
  • Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum.
  • The Grand Bazaar.
  • Topkapi Palace Museum.


Izmir is located at the front of a long bay, so that it forms a port on the Aegean Sea, and its mountains extend from east to west in Western Anatolia, as well as river valleys in it from the Anatolian Plateau to the Aegean Sea, and this has allowed communication with remote places, as this has caused The advantages in making the city a prominent commercial center for long periods, as its roots go back to the third millennium BC, and the city has retained its importance in the eras of Hittite, Romen and Greek control, and it is mentioned that the city has witnessed a great deal of industrialization since the fifties of the last century, in which strong and specialized sectors were established in a Food and automated industrialization, as it has renewed its textile production, and in addition to its commercial importance, Izmir has formed a center for many remote areas rich in traditional Turkish cultural heritage.
The city contains many monuments, including partially excavated monuments in its public squares, and ancient water channels in the Kızılçullu region, in addition to the archaeological museum located next to some archaeological sites such as the Ephesus region as well as a group of resorts, that is, Izmir is characterized by its developed tourism trade.


The city of Antalya is located in the southwestern side of Turkey on the Mediterranean Sea, where it has a bay there, and Antalya occupies the main tourist refuge in the beaches of the Turkish Riviera, as the city is characterized by its warm and sub-tropical climate, in addition to the large number of ancient places adjacent to it, and it is mentioned that there are a group of walls The fortified enclosure of the Old City, which was restored during the reign of the Seljuks, Byzantines and the Romens, formed a summit of the lower cliff overseeing the port. The city includes a set of important monuments such as: the Seljuq Religious College and the ancient tower that is expected to be It is used as a beacon, in addition to a mosque dating back to its roots in 1250, along with “Yivli Minare” mosque, which was a Byzantine church before, which is the seat of the local archaeological museum.

Other cities in Turkey

Other major Turkish cities include:

  • Bursa city.
  • Adana city.
  • The city of Gaziantep.
  • Konya city.
  • The city of Cankaya.

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