The best places to buy clothes in Istanbul

المسافرون العرب

A guide to the best places to buy clothes in Istanbul, Istanbul is famous for being one of the best global entertainment destinations and ideal for all ages and tastes, as it is an ideal interface for modern life lovers, history lovers, and lovers of new tastes of food, as well as shopping lovers, especially that the city has a lot of malls Commercial, traditional markets and commercial centers that provide the best international brands, where fun, savings and shopping are among the best places to buy clothes and shopping in Istanbul for Arab travelers.

Best places to buy clothes in Istanbul:

  • Arasta Market:

It is considered one of the most important markets that sell high-quality handicrafts made with the best raw materials. This market is located behind the Sultan Ahmed Mosque on the northern side of Torun Street, and it is considered one of the oldest markets in Istanbul. This market includes more than 77 shops, most of which are specialized in selling Silk fabrics collect their shapes and types as well as sell Turkish clothing and other products.

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  • Al-Fateh Market:

It is considered one of the oldest markets in Istanbul and it is called the veiled market, because it has many shops that sell elegant veiled clothes in all shapes and colors, in addition to the presence of shops that sell men’s and children’s clothes and sell fruits, food products and household items.

  • Wednesday market:

It is known as the Yeshil Koi Bazaar, and this market includes a variety of clothes in all its materials and shapes, as well as groups of flowers, accessories and beauty products, there you can enjoy shopping and buying in the authentic Turkish atmosphere.

  • Jewels Mall:

It is considered one of the best and cheapest shopping places in Istanbul, and despite the great fame enjoyed by this mall, it is still keen to provide the most appropriate and best prices for products, even products with international brands, and the mall consists of 6 floors and the number of stores in the mall is about 280 stores.

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  • Othman Bey markets:

This market is located in Sisli, where it is located close to Taksim Square. The market is famous for its many shops that sell a variety of modern products such as gifts, clothes, perfumes, and others. In case of wanting to buy at better prices, it is advisable to buy from the stores located in the side streets , As it provides reasonable prices and is cheaper than the stores located on the main streets.

  • Mahmoud Pasha Market:

It is located close to the Egyptian spice market, and is considered one of the best traditional markets in Istanbul. It is characterized by its reasonable prices and includes many wonderful clothing stores.

  • Shops in Lalali District:

The shops in Lalali are considered to be one of the best and cheapest places to buy in the city, especially since the Lalali area is famous for selling wholesale, so the prices there are considered lower compared to the prices found in other places to buy, there you can shop and buy a variety of the best and finest Turkish clothes.

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  • Grand Bazaar Market:

This market includes a number of shops that specialize in the sale of wholesale, where it is famous for the sale of wholesale clothing where there are many shops selling children’s clothes and women’s clothing and some men’s clothing stores, and displays many wonderful commercial furnishings.

  • Shops in Baghdad Street:

It is one of the most prominent and famous streets of Istanbul, as it is located on the Asian side, and its length is 6 km, as it includes a large number of local clothing stores, and includes a good number of small shopping centers.

  • Kastamonu Market:

It is one of the best markets in Istanbul, where its quiet atmosphere, this market is more like a rural village, in which it has a mixture of the city and the atmosphere of the villages, and the market is distinguished by that it contains all kinds of commodities of various types of food products and also includes a number of shops that are interested in selling distinctive Turkish clothes that are compatible with All ages and tastes, as well as it includes many shops that are interested in selling the best and finest fabrics.

  • The shops on Istiklal Street:

This street is considered one of the most important and famous streets where all kinds of products and goods are available, despite the high prices that characterize the shops in this street, but it includes a number of luxurious clothes and high tastes, as it includes many stores that sell children’s clothes and clothes Women and men’s clothing to suit all ages and tastes.

  • The shops on Nesptian Street:

Nesptiyeh Street is located in Bishikpatch in Istanbul, and it is considered one of the most popular and important streets for shopping in the city, as it includes many shops that are interested in selling clothes and various goods.

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