Are you looking for things to do in Dubai by doing activities or visiting fun places? Sometimes people want to use their free time to spend unique moments that cannot be forgotten by exploring everything new, as Dubai is the city of dreams that will make your dream come true for you Enjoy the moments.
And the city of Dubai is distinguished by having many places worth visiting and exploring, as it is one of the best tourist cities in the Middle East, besides it has a large number of visitors from different countries of the world reaching more than 10 million tourists, Arab travelers provide you with the best experiences That you have to fight while you are in that emirate.

The best things to do in Dubai

1. Skiing at Ski Dubai

  • Ski Dubai is located in the Mall of the Emirates, and is one of the largest ski slopes in the world, and the length of the slope reaches about 400 meters.
  • Inside there are internal carriers for visitors, as well as pitfalls, and Ski Dubai is home to the penguins.
  • Inside there is also a coffee shop where you can rest to savor the best hot drinks.

2. Tasting the tea in the Burj Khalifa building

  • If you want an unforgettable experience, go to the Burj Khalifa and climb to the 122nd floor, then enter Atmosphere Restaurant, one of the most prominent restaurants in Dubai.
  • With its attractive décor, you can have the finest teas by enjoying the sunset.
  • The restaurant offers a number of European delicacies for lunch and dinner, in addition to that it includes a lounge that transforms into a break in the evening time and offers its visitors snacks of various kinds.

3. Flying over the island

  • One of the best adventures you have to take in Dubai is to take a flight aboard one of the water planes that roams you around the charming island of Jumeirah, one of the largest artificial islands in the world.
  • While you are on that fun trip, you can see many sights such as Dubai Creek and Atlantis, the palm, as well as see the wonderful palm trees.

4. Visit Local House Restaurant

  • If you like to try all that is new in restaurants, you only have to visit Local House Restaurant, which is one of the best restaurants in the Emirates, it is located in the historic Al Fahidi area.
  • The restaurant includes many unique dishes, most notably the camel burger, along with many distinctive dishes such as shawarma and steak biryani.
  • The restaurant allows you to taste camel milk if you have not tasted it before. As for its appointments, it starts from ten in the morning until ten in the evening.

5. Skydiving in Skydive

  • For more enjoyment of flying in the sky of Dubai, you can go to the skydive to skydive up to a height of about 13,000 feet.
  • If you are afraid to do this experience, do not worry, there are many highly trained instructors who will help you de-stress and take off and enjoy this adventure.

6. Hiking in the flower garden

  • The flower garden is one of the most beautiful gardens in Dubai, which is characterized by its picturesque view, it is called “Garden of Miracles” and is the largest flower garden in the world.
  • The garden is located on the southern side of Al Barsha, and its area reaches about 72 thousand square meters, and there are about 45 million flowers.
  • Inside the garden there are many wonderful monuments, the most prominent of which is a pyramid of flowers with a height of about 10 meters and an area of ​​about 144 meters.
  • The garden includes many designs of roses, the most prominent of which are miniature designs of the pyramids and Burj Khalifa.

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