Where is the pyramid of Saqqara

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Saqqara Pyramid site and its names

The names of this pyramid are many between the Saqqara pyramid, the listed pyramid, or the pyramid of Zoser, due to its location in the Saqqara necropolis in the ancient city of Memphis in the Arab Republic of Egypt, some called it the Saqqara pyramid, and its name is the Pyramid of Djoser because of the burial of Pharaoh Zoser in it in 27 BC. To its distinctive external architectural building, which comes in the form of an amphitheater called the hierarchical pyramid, it included six steps constructed on top of each other to form the cemetery of Djoser, and is considered the first pyramid structure in the history of the Pharaohs.

The exterior of the Saqqara pyramid

The height of the pyramid is 62 m and its base area is 109 * 125 m.It is also covered from the outside with a distinctive white limestone color, and due to the weather factors that the pyramid was exposed to through the ages, most of the limestone crust disappeared, and its structure was damaged especially after the 1992 earthquake M, which caused severe damage to the pyramid’s funerary complex, and a high wall was built around the pyramid to protect the pyramid and separate its outer courtyard from the surrounding, and it is striking that the Pharaoh Zoser cemetery was not designed to take a hierarchical form, since the initial architectural planning for it was in the form of a square where it was constructed The cemetery is square, then expanded further D to take the form of a pyramid, and the amount of stones used for expansion reached more than 200,000 tons.

The Saqqara pyramid is surrounded by a huge trench, 40 meters wide, and extends from the northern side of the pyramid to the southern side along a length of 750 meters. As for its depth, it has not been determined yet because excavation has not ended, because of the trench’s fullness with sand throughout the ages. Only 5 meters of its depth has not been revealed so far. As for the wall surrounding the pyramid, it was built of limestone on an area of ​​1645 m in length, with a height of 11.5 m. The wall also contains 14 stone doors, and the front entrance to it is located at the southeastern door, and the area around which the wall wraps is about 30 acres where its length From the north south side 545 m, but its width reaches 278 m from the northern side Western oz.

The front door of the wall, known as the entrance to the complex, consists of 20 pairs of stone pillars in the form of cylinders with a height of 6 meters, which leads to the pyramid square which contains in addition to the Saqqara pyramid the funerary temple, the basement, the two compartments, the western porches, the southern cemetery, and the Tomb of the Tomb.


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