Cafés in Cape Town .. Cape Town, South Africa is characterized by the presence of many distinctive cafes, which serve to provide distinctive coffee with strong odors beside pastries.

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Cafés in Cape Town ..

Truth Coffee ..

Truth CoffeeTruth Coffee is one of the best cafes in Cape Town, this cafe is considered one of the best coffee houses in the world, as it is necessary to visit Truth Coffee Café in Cape Town during your visit to the country. Old knitting machines. Truth Coffee is also one of the most modern cafes in Cape Town, and it offers roasted coffee beans inside the café of high quality, and it is also supplied to many distinguished luxury hotels in the city. The cafe bears a stamp taken from a style called steampunk, a style It mixes the original Victorian style with the modern style For a conversation, where there are tables with blades, antique typewriters, open tubes, Singer sewing machines and a lot of original content that meets modern elements in order to create a distinctive atmosphere. The cafe also has a school to teach how to make coffee, and a roasting machine from Probat type called Colossus meaning “giant”

honest chocolate cafe ..

  honest chocolate cafe
honest chocolate cafe The cafe is located between the noisy streets of Loop and Bree, where the cafe has a relaxed atmosphere, and you can sip coffee either in the outdoor Al Bahah, which is part of the original building where the sun is shining, or in the warm interior of the coffee. It serves coffee, tea and hot chocolate. As well as a distinguished section of truffles, chocolate and cakes. Their dealings with customers are based on friendliness and respect, and they also offer free ice cream from dairy, as well as soy milk, or orchids made with almonds and creamy hazelnuts. , As it opens Secret Gin Bar behind the cafe in the courtyard during the evening. Also read: Cheap Markets in Cape Town .. and your guide to take advantage of the cheap prices of popular markets ..

Brownies & Downies cafe ..

Brownies & Downies cafeBrownies & Downies cafe One of the most beautiful cafes in Cape Town, Brownies & DownieS Cape Tow Café started for the first time in 2010 in Veghel, and it provides a pleasant and bright space for customers to enjoy Tres Coffee-style cafes and delicious drinks. The dishes are prepared on the menu and cooked and served from The hard-working staff accepted as a training program for them to learn the privacy and general hospitality business, with the aim of giving them future opportunities in service, food preparation and management. The Brownies & Downies menu offers a range of breakfasts, sandwiches, light lunches, burgers and pastries. We can recommend their signature chocolate color, an addictive treatment that is just as much a sugar intake as the café prepares takeaway orders for office staff in the area.

Charles cafe ..

Charles cafeCharles cafe is one of the most enjoyable cafes in Cape Town, Café Café Charles is located just two streets from the famous Cape Quarter shopping center in D and Turkent, one of the oldest parts of Cape Town. Charles Café is also ideally located in the shade of the Brazilian Peppercorn Red tree. With a history of more than a hundred years, it is also located on the corner of Dixon Street and Waterkant Street. Charles Café offers fresh artisan coffee with a distinctive aroma, as well as bacon and eggs, croissants, pastries and other baked goods. Get to know her

Roux cafe ..

Roux cafeRoux cafe Since 2006, the Rocks Café has been the most visited cafe in Cape Town, and is one of the places for friends and family to gather for delicious food and drinks. Roux Café is very suitable for children as there is a large dedicated space where children can play safely nearby, while Parents sit by enjoying a meal and a glass of wine, and birthday parties can be held for children.

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