Learn about the best parks in Zimbabwe

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Matobo Hills National Park

Learn about the best parks in Zimbabwe - Learn about the best parks in Zimbabwe

The Matobo Hills National Park contains a large collection of huge rocks that balance each other amid the enchanting nature.
Tourists love to visit this wonderful park and find great pleasure watching wildlife with its amazing natural components.
It is known that this park also includes a third of the species of eagles in the world, and in the park of the park there are a large number of fish and monkeys, you can wander around there and explore the most beautiful areas.

Shenhui Caves

These caves consist of a large chain of tunnels that transport you to another world and an amazing nature.
Where you find inside the sea colorful water suitable for swimming and diving, so we find divers like to dive in this area and reach a depth of 50 meters under the water.
It is amazing that underwater visibility is very good due to the extreme clarity of water.
In these caves there are also camps and camps to stay in this place and spend quality time on a picnic with the family.

Manna Pauls National Park

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In Mana Paul National Park, there are large numbers of crocodiles and hippos that swim in ponds and lakes.
The park is responsible for the growth of dozens of diverse wild animals, and the place is very popular due to the presence of huge elephants and a large number in it, and the most important other animals that are there are zebras and rare birds.

Hwang National Park

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In Hwang Park, you will be amazed to see almost 100 species of mammals.
And 400 species of birds and many types of huge and rare herbs, and there are also large predators in large numbers and the number is 19 species, and this garden was established in 1928 and it receives a large number of tourists every day.

Greater Zimbabwe:

The Great City of Zimbabwe has a historical story that everyone knows and is one of the largest and oldest cities in Africa.
This city was built in the eleventh century, and it is one of the distinct cities that suit all lovers of historical places and ancient monuments.
It is a unique experience in which visitors will be able to learn about archeology and everything related to the history and culture of Zimbabwe.
It is a great ruins considered a wonder of the city and you definitely cannot miss a visit to this place.

Anyanga Mountains

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The Anyanga Mountains are known for the highest peak in Zimbabwe, and are one of the legendary sacred sites of all time.
In spite of the mystery and disappearance around these mountains, a number of people prefer tourists to visit and go hiking there.
Boating and mountain biking activities are also common, and many other activities are very exciting and attractive for tourists, and unlike all other areas in Zimbabwe, the weather of these mountains is cooler than in other regions.


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