Old but magnificent, poor but decent, enjoyable enough madness, all this summed up by a magical Cuba. Cuba is still full of energy due to the energy that permeates all aspects of its culture and civilization. Its beaches, green hills, wildlife-rich forests, waterfalls, mountainous areas, vibrant cities, music and history are all reasons to love visiting Cuba.
Here, HolidayMe travel experts give you some recommendations about Cuba.

Places to visit in Cuba:
Che Guevara Shrine
Santa Clara Capitolia
Old Havana
Why should you visit Cuba in 2017?
To enjoy the fabulous beaches of Cuba: Cuba has beautiful beaches that are perfect for relaxing and enjoying the sun.
Its beaches are among the most beautiful around the world – vast sand with sparkling blue water and coral reefs.
Enjoy the beaches of Varadero, Playa Pilar, Playa Ancon, Playa Esmeralda, Playa Francis.

To discover the Cuban islands:
Cuba is a quiet island in the middle of the Caribbean Sea and has some beautiful islands, ideal for relaxing, swimming and snorkeling such as Cayo Largo or Cayo Coco famous for its crystal waters. Cuban islands feature green foliage, coral reefs and tropical plants.

To wander through the picturesque natural parks

Cuba is famous for its natural parks, such as Alejandro Humboldt National Park and Parque Nacional Pico Turquin. Its parks include different types of tropical plants. You can also enjoy a trip through the highest peak in Cuba Pico Turkino (1972). In addition to the possibility of hiking in the Sierra del Rosario and many other areas.

To experience the magical nightlife in Cuba

This country is a great place for music and dance enthusiasts where you can enjoy salsa, kunga, reggae and sun monteño dances in public squares and narrow lanes. Open nightclubs attract both residents and tourists. Jazz clubs reverberate with classic songs and instrumental songs.

Pamper yourself with Cuban food

We note the Cuban cuisine is influenced by Spanish, African, Caribbean and North America. Cubans make great use of beef, rice and vegetables for their food. Fresh seafood is widely available, and you can see a lot of street restaurants in Cuba.

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