Danish Airlines is one of the leading airlines in providing air transport services for passengers, postal freight, cargo and pets on a local scale since 1989.
The company has a modern and advanced fleet of 14 ATR, MD82,83, and Airbus A320 aircraft transporting about one million passengers annually between the border cities of Denmark and Norway and operates its main operations from Billund Airport with several other secondary airports.
To find out about the services and benefits provided by Danish Airlines and the most common questions about its dealings with its customers, you can follow the article.

Danish Airlines

Danish Airlines features

• Danish Airways offers a series of benefits that provide its passengers with comfort, enjoyment and satisfaction with the level of their services, such as:
• A state-of-the-art modern fleet of aircraft undergoing regular maintenance and managed by a trained crew of pilots and flight attendants, ensuring customer comfort and safety.
Comfortable seats with additional leg extension and headrest.
Ideal travel card options with huge discounts and offers for seniors, students and children of all ages.
Varied meals and drinks, with various facilities and forms of entertainment and shopping options.
• Easy to book, manage and request services during and after the trip via the website or the contact center of Danish Airlines.
Loyalty programs for frequent travelers offering monthly and regular offers and discounts.

Onboard services

Danish Airlines provides its distinguished hospitality services to the passengers on its flights to gain the confidence, satisfaction and comfort of its customers during the flight, such as:

the food

Danish Airlines provides its travelers with different levels and local and regional destinations with a variety of snacks, starters and sandwiches with different local and international fillings, in addition to hot and cold drinks refreshing throughout the trip, taking into account the owners of healthy and ideological menus.


Danish Airlines offers its passengers on various grades and destinations screens and headphones to follow the diverse entertainment contents of films, programs and video games for children.


The Danish Airlines provides on-board facilities to ensure the comfort, enjoyment and satisfaction of its customers with the level of their services such as: spacious comfortable seats with extra legroom, adjustable head restraints, personal seat screens, and headphones.

the shopping

Danish Air provides passengers on board with its in-flight shopping service with a diversified assortment of hundreds of goods included in its duty-free duty-free outlets.

Travel classes on Danish Air

Danish Airlines allocates 5 types of tickets on its flights:

Good score

This ticket is provided to its passengers:
✓ Comfortable seats, re-booking after cancellation for 500 Danish kroner as fees and taking into account the difference in prices.
✓ Weights less than or without company policy.
✓ 75% discount on the basic value of a ticket for children aged two to 15 years with free tickets for infants.

Better score

This ticket is provided to its passengers:
Comfortable seats, free cancellation within 24 hours of doing so.
✓ Reschedule and amend data for DKr 200 as fees, taking into account the difference.
✓ 75% discount on the basic value of a ticket for children aged two to 15 years with free tickets for infants.

Full flex score

This ticket is provided to its passengers:
✓ Comfortable seats, the ability to cancel a reservation within 24 hours of doing it or at any time with the ability to amend data and re-reserve for free and without any fees, the ability to recover.
✓ 67% discount on the basic value of a ticket for children aged two to 15 years with free tickets for infants.

Youth ticket score

These are tickets that are offered by Danish Airlines on its domestic flights between the cities of Denmark or Norway for its travelers, recruits, military personnel, and students enrolled in its schools and universities during the age group 12-17 years. This ticket allows its travelers:
✓ Reduced rates and faster domestic flights, some of which are free.
✓ Free cancellation up to 24 hours before departure.
✓ Reservation in the event of cancellation for 500 Danish kroner and bear the price differences, however they are not eligible for a refund and change of data unlike the ticket for the elderly.

Degree Senior Ticket

These are tickets that are offered by Danish Airlines to its older travelers on its domestic flights upon completion of 62 years, and to its passengers to Norway or between its cities upon completion of 67 years, and in both cases it is granted to the holder:
أقل Lower prices, faster flights, cancellation within 24 hours of booking and data modification even 24 hours before departure.
للاسترداد Redeemability according to ticket type ((Good / better / full flex and price terms).
✓ Reservation in the event of cancellation for 500 Danish kroner as fees, taking into account the difference in ticket prices.

Danish Airlines flight destinations

Danish Airlines provides flights to 9 destinations in Denmark and Norway and one destination in Scotland:
Danish Airlines flights to / from Copenhagen
Danish Airlines flights from / to Billund
Danish Airlines flights to / from Oslo
Danish flights from / to Iceberg
Flights Denmark to / from Bornholm
Danish Airlines flights to / from Aalborg
Danish flights to / from Stavanger
Danish Airlines flights from / to Aberdeen Scotland
Danish Airlines flights to / from Midland
Danish Airlines flights to / from Stord

Danish Airlines ticket booking

You can easily book your flight on Danish Airlines through their official website, which also enables you to buy excess baggage weights, rent a car or report traveling with a pet, manage your reservations by adjusting data, cancellation, request a refund or re-book on other flights after Cancellation of the first reservation, taking into account price differences and fees that are paid when purchasing the ticket electronically or through the offices of local Danish airline agents in the country of departure.
Danish Airlines tickets can also be booked by contacting the company’s contact centers in Denmark, Italy and the United Kingdom.

Danish aviation and baggage policy

Weights and the number of free baggage allowances that you are allowed to carry in the plane’s store during your flight on Danish Airlines are determined by the type of your ticket, but in most cases they are limited to one piece with a weight of 23 kg for the traveler over the age of two years, with the addition of a foldable stroller for children under this age to 11 years.
Besides this stroller, infants under the age of 2 years are allowed a free 5 kg bag on board.
This is in addition to only one hand bag weighing 8 kg and a total dimensions of 110 cm is allowed to be carried on the aircraft cabin.
In the event that the permissible weights during the flight mentioned above are exceeded, Danish Airlines imposes fees according to the type of overtaking and the country of destination and is collected when traveling at the airport or by purchasing excess weights before the trip through the official website of the company.
Noting that the mentioned weights may vary from time to time, in which case the company will clarify the weights permitted for the passenger to the extent of his travel during the reservation.

finishing travel procedures

You can check-in on the Danish Airlines official website 22 to 12 hours before your flight departs from Billund Airport, knowing that online reservation activation is not enabled when traveling with Aalborg or Stavanger airports.
And activating online reservation does not stop the process of ending the traditional procedures that take place through the windows that leave at the airport, it only makes them faster.
It takes between 30 – 45 minutes to complete the procedures for traveling through the windows that leave at the airport, depending on the airport of departure and the country and airport of arrival.

Summary of customer reviews

Danish Airlines has not yet received reviews from its customers, according to Tripadvisor, to book and rate flights.

common questions

This section answers the most important questions that may arise in your mind about the dealings of Danish Airlines and was not answered or mentioned in the article, such as:

Can I transfer my ticket on Danish Air flights for someone else?

Yes, it is possible if your ticket is of type Better or Full flex, where you can easily change the passenger’s name and information through the reservation management section of the site.

What are the procedures for taking a baby on board Danish Airlines flights?

The infant must travel with an adult at the rate of one infant / an adult traveling on Danish Airlines flights for a maximum of 3 infants / flight as a whole, knowing that infants are not assigned special seats for them on board the aircraft and their safety seat may not be used at the moment of takeoff or landing , Only the company provides infant safety belts.

Do Danish Airlines accept unaccompanied children traveling?

Yes, Danish Airlines accepts travel for children from 12-15 years old without family or air escort, while younger ages are required to accompany an adult 16 or older.

Is it permitted for pregnant women to travel on Danish Airlines flights?

Pregnant women traveling with one child up to week 34 or pregnant with two children until week 28 of pregnancy are allowed to travel on Danish flights without restrictions.
A medical certificate is required from the attending physician and the company form is completed for pregnant women with a child during the 36th and 37th weeks, or pregnant with two children during the weeks 29 to 31, provided that the journey does not exceed 4 hours.
The company is prohibited from traveling at all on its flights after these periods or in the event of complications of pregnancy, past, present or expected.

Do Danish Airlines provide means to help patients and people with special needs?

The company provides special care for its sick and special travelers, such as feeding services, medication reminders, mobility assistance and eliminating need, while allowing free movement of wheelchairs, crutches and the like, and providing them for transportation between the airport and plane lounges and vice versa.
In the event that you suffer from any disease that leads to feeling short of breath and hypoxia, please accompany the oxygen device in additional quantities.
In the event of any illness or disability and the need for assistance during the flight, please report the type of assistance required 48 hours before its date.

What loyalty programs does Danish Airways offer to its frequent travelers?

Danish Airlines provides its frequent travelers with the rock program and monthly discount cards to get flights at cheaper rates and to facilitate booking and travel procedures compared to regular travelers.

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