Bakken Park / Dyrehavsbakken is one of the most important tourist attractions in Denmark, Copenhagen, the Danish capital, which is located specifically within the Direhaven Forest, due to several reasons, the most important of which is that the park is the oldest amusement park in the world.
Also, because it is an integrated park that includes many recreational games for adults and children alike, you will find among them various games that you may not find in any other recreational park, as it is surrounded by trees and green spaces.

Bakken Park in Copenhagen

Activities you can do inside Baken Park

Just visit the park and enjoy the natural landscapes, trees and greenery of the beautiful Direhaven Forest is a picnic worth taking for relaxation and tranquility, and you can also hire a horse-drawn carriage for a great tour of the park.
• In addition, the antique garden includes a large number of fun games that satisfy all tastes and ages, and contain most of the famous and fun games in the world, including games that go back many years.

Bakken Copenhagen Park

• You can also find circus shows in the park that attract the audience very much. Of course, you can enjoy watching them, and if you accompany your children, they must be allowed to watch the famous Clown Shows, who have become an icon of the park.

Bakken Copenhagen Park

• Besides, there are a large number of restaurants, cafes and ice cream shops, which are the most famous in the Bakken Garden. You must try the ice cream if you ever visit the park.

Baken Park is one of the best tourist places in Copenhagen

Visit dates

The Bakken Garden is open daily from the end of March to August.

Entry prices

Admission to the Bakken Park is free, and riding games requires payment according to each game.

Copenhagen Baken Park Hotels – Copenhagen

Adina Copenhagen Hotel Apartments is a 4-star hotel in Denmark, 8.6 km away from Baken Park in Copenhagen.
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The Radisson Blu Royal Copenhagen Hotel is one of the best 5-star Copenhagen hotels. It is 11 km from Copenhagen’s Baken Park.
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The Bakken Park site in Copenhagen

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