Who among us does not like Spanish food; with its spicy flavor and great taste. Spain receives millions of tourists every year; to enjoy the beauty of its architecture, its wonderful atmosphere, and its delicious food. Spanish cuisine is famous for its fresh local ingredients; You enjoy the delicious taste, which takes you to another world of flavors.

Delicious traditional Spanish dishes


You can find this delicious dish in all restaurants and cafes of Spain. Croquettes are made from beef, cod, topped with bechamel sauce and crunchy bread, next to cream cheese. Some sausages and blue cheese can be added to give additional flavor.

Spanish tortilla

One of the traditional Spanish dishes. It is a great meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner. There are many ways to prepare this delicacy dish, each person has his own way. The best way to prepare it is frying onions and potatoes in olive oil so that they turn brown. Then add the eggs to them, and leave until ripe.

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Gazpacho soup

Market shelves and international menus are not without this tasty dish. It is taken as an appetizer, and made from fresh tomato juice, green pepper, cucumber, garlic, onions and vinegar in addition to spices. Spanish food is perfect for the summer, and is suitable for those on a diet Dietary; being low calorie.


Ratutai; from traditional Spanish dishes. It sits on the throne of vegetarian dishes. It is eaten as a garnish next to meat and fried eggs. This delicious dish is made from; tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, onions, garlic and of course olive oil. You will find it in all restaurants in Spain, especially southern Madrid and La Mancha.

Galician octopus

This boiled octopus takes its distinctive flavor of three ingredients: paprika, rock salt and olive oil. This dish holds the signature of Galician where you can find it on most Galician restaurants menus throughout Spain. This delicacy is served with french fries.

Smoked bean salad

Spain is known for its various types of beans and legumes. So the traditional Spanish restaurant includes; many distinctive and delicious beans dishes. The country holds a local festival to celebrate the harvest of black beans liver-shaped. Steamed beans, added to a mixture of fresh local vegetables. Besides a lot of olive oil to give it a traditional flavor, beans are also added to a number of traditional dishes, such as delicious meat stews, which consist of meat, sausage, olives and white beans.

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One of the most famous traditional Spanish dishes. Where it originates from Spanish Valencia. Paila consists of a mixture of; chicken and rabbit, with the addition of green and white beans. Beside several seafood and rice. One bite of this dish takes you back to the times of ancient Spain.

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