Discover lake power is the top destination for nature lovers

المسافرون العرب

Lake Capacity is the first destination for nature lovers, one of the distinctive landmarks and those wishing to recreate, and this is because it is characterized by beauty and tranquility. 30 minutes, when an island transformation turns from the city of Dubai directly to the ability lakes, during your trip to the ability lakes you can see a group of endangered birds, follow the next article in the Arab travelers for a lot of interesting information about the ability lakes.

Lake Power is the top destination for nature lovers

What are power lakes and where are they located?

Al Qudra Lakes is located in the Emirates in the city of Dubai, where the distance between it and the city of Dubai takes 1/2 hours by bus.
The Al-Qidra Lakes include a number of artificial lakes, surrounded by sand, which is an integral part of the Al-Marmum Desert Reserve, as it extends from the length of the length to the Saih Al-Salalem Desert.
The ability lakes include an integrated wild environment, where you find some animals such as deer, foxes, and oryx, as well as living near the lakes about 200 types of birds such as: flamingos and pelicans, as there are many endangered birds, such as: Asian Houbara birds.

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The best places in the ability lakes and the activities that take place in them

  • Desert oasis: one of the quietest places in the ability lakes, where people flock to escape the noise of the city, and allow tourists to camp in it and hold many activities such as barbecues.
  • Lake of Love: Lake of Love is one of the very important places to visit during a trip of ability lakes. Around it, this lake has been prepared to contain the services that visitors may need, and there are some shaded places.
  • Wildlife: You can observe the beauty of wildlife with the presence of beautiful wild animals that add breathtaking scenery to life.
  • Keep an eye out for the sunset: One of the most beautiful activities you can do in the best of capabilities is to wait for the time of sunset and contemplate the attractive view in the desert and between the yellow sand, beautiful lakes, and some birds, this aesthetic you can not enjoy in the city amid the towering towers and noisy noises.
  • Bicycles: This activity is special for bicycle lovers and a delicious adventure spirit, it is one of the most exciting activities that you can do in this quiet place, it is a very suitable place for that because of the existence of a special place for bicycles, and it is one of the best bike paths in Dubai.

The most important advice when visiting ability lakes

  • When entering Al Qudra Lakes, you can head to “Last Exhaust Al Qudra”, and it is considered one of the best places where there are many different types of food that suit many tastes.
  • When heading to Al Qudra and Camping, it is advisable to go by car as it is a desert area.
  • Do not throw litter in this area because there are many wild animals and birds that could be harmed.
  • It is preferable to wear comfortable clothing during the flight, and if the flight will continue into the night, the weather becomes cooler.

For more information on Capacity Lakes ..
Information about camping in Dubai Capacity Lakes.
Time to prevent camping in the ability lakes.
: 1.

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