Space tourism

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Definition of space tourism

Space tourism is defined as travel in outer space, with the aim of tourism and self-entertainment, and can be carried out either on government-owned government vehicles, such as the Russian Soyuz spacecraft, the International Space Station, or on vehicles sent by private companies, and this has been gained This type of tourism has a prominent position and wide importance, with more opportunities for tourism and tropical and sub-orbital trips.

The first space travel

The first space tourist flight was recorded in 2001 by the world’s first alien tourist, American businessman Dennis Tito, who managed to make his $ 20 million trip aboard the Russian Soyuz TM-32 spacecraft. ), And he spent seven days on this spacecraft on the International Space Station, and he protested against the use of the word tourist because of the arduous exercises he had undertaken to complete his mission, and instead he used the term participant on a space flight to distinguish between space travelers and functional astronauts.

Information on the development of space tourism

The development of the concept of space tourism can be identified according to the following:

  • National Space Society CEO George Whitesides and his wife are the first to travel to space on a private trip in 2009, by registering with the Virgin Galactic Tourist Company, for an amount of $ 200,000 each.
  • The concept of space tourism managed to evolve, after the Virgin Galactic company, after the attempts of Richard Branson, on a successful experimental flight in 2020, aboard a rocket spacecraft, which took off for an altitude of 82 km over the Mojave Desert in California.
  • Space tourism is classified as a fast-growing industry that attracts wealthy travelers and sports fans. It is similar to a modern day safari, but it takes place on a rocket launched into space.

Note: It is not necessary for an individual to be an astronaut, in order to be able to take a trip to outer space.


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