The elegant and beautiful capital of Bulgaria is filled with surprises, here you stand on the ruins of a Romen theater in the lobby of a luxury hotel or eat wonderful Lebanese food, and you can buy antiques in the cheap goods market. Surrounding you when you walk in Sofia are the scattered historical churches, Ottoman mosques, and the stubborn relics of the Red Army that give an exotic feel.
Sofia fluctuated with the pages of history and witnessed the Romen civilization and was one of the most famous Byzantine cities in the Middle Ages, after which the legions of the Ottomans conquered it until it became one of the most beautiful European capitals, which makes it rich with historical monuments that reflect the splendor of each era in its history.
Its ancient civilization competes with its modern features and stunning nature, and the city center is only 30 minutes away from one of the most beautiful ski resorts in Europe, it also contains dozens of outdoor swimming pools, and bustles with music festivals and loud festivals.
The most prominent landmarks of the Bulgarian capital Sofia
Historical churches

Sophia is characterized by stunning architectural buildings that reflect its ancient history, such as the Cathedral of St. Alexander Nevsky, which is considered one of the largest Eastern Orthodox cathedrals in the world. This twentieth century church was built to commemorate the 200,000 soldiers who died in the Russo-Turkish War. The new Byzantine style consists of mounting domes, spacious and ornate interiors, and exquisite mosaics spread across the walls. You will get lost in the amazing details of the artwork on almost every surface. Also, tourists will find nearby Sofia University and the National Art Gallery.
Vitosha Mountain

The majestic Mount Vitosha casts its shadow on the city skyline, and includes some hotels fleeing the hustle and bustle of urban streets to distant worlds, and provides many enjoyable activities outdoors for the scenic nature, while magnificent white castles in the winter to turn into a stunning ski center.
Home to World Art and Music
Cathedral Saint Alexandar Nevski in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Sofia is one of the most important cultural centers in the entire Balkan region, and it is full of graceful performances during the week of dance and beautiful music in its airspace, while those in search of culture find a wonderful fortune by breaking up activities that are always held and include all fields.

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