Dubai Shopping Festival 2020

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Dubai is preparing to celebrate the 22nd edition of the Shopping Festival in 2020, which was launched for the first time in 1996, and soon turned into a major event that attracts millions of visitors annually from inside and outside Dubai, and has become a global date for shopping and entertainment.
The festival is considered one of the most important annual events in Dubai, and the participating markets offer a wide range of promotional offers, events and various tourism activities, concerts are held with the participation of artists, Arabs and internationals, in addition to plays, exhibitions, sporting events and fashion shows, and that meets the interests of visitors of all ages and cultures.

The timing of the Dubai Shopping Festival 2020

Dubai Shopping Festival 2020 - Dubai Shopping Festival 2020The festival lasts for a month, and gets more joy with Christmas and New Year celebrations at the beginning of the new year, as it starts from December 26, 2016 to January 28, 2020.

Weather in Dubai during the festival period

December and January are two of the best times of the year to visit Dubai, as the weather is mild, warm and suitable for sightseeing, temperatures vary between 16 and 28 degrees Celsius, and humidity levels are very low.

Visa requirements for Dubai during the festival period

The procedures for obtaining a visa for the United Arab Emirates have become very simple, especially during the shopping festival period, and its categories and costs vary according to the purpose and duration of the visit. The requirements for a tourist visa for the UAE are not as stringent as they are in some other Middle Eastern countries.
Citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries (Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar) do not need a visa or any additional procedures to enter the United Arab Emirates.
Citizens of Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and European Union countries do not need to apply in advance for a visa, but rather receive it upon arrival at the airport.
As for the citizens of the rest of the countries such as Canada, China, India, South Africa and Russia, the procedures for obtaining the visa must be arranged in advance, which is an easy process, as applications are made through the website of the application center, in partnership with Emirates Airlines.
Notice: This information is correct at the time the article was published.
For more information about the online visa application form to enter Dubai, you can contact the UAE embassy in your country, or visit its website.

Hotels in Dubai during the 2020 Shopping Festival

Dubai hotels offer great discounts during the festival period, and their rooms are often fully booked in advance thanks to the increasing number of tourists traveling from all over the world to Dubai. Therefore, it is advised that you make reservations at a hotel early if you do not know anyone residing in Dubai.

What can you buy during the festival

With the many offers and huge discounts offered by shops, markets and shopping malls, it must be confusing for visitors, but there is no need for concern, as we will review here some of the best goods and products that are recommended to be purchased from Dubai during the festival days.

1- Carpets

Make sure you have the budget and weight available, in case you want to buy one of the Iranian, Persian, Kashmiri or Turkish handmade rugs and do not forget the handmade Iranian silk rugs as well.

2- Electronics

Thanks to the tax exemption and customs facilities in the United Arab Emirates, the prices of electronics in Dubai are low compared to others. During the festival, the major companies are competing for the lowest prices and promotions, and for the latest electronics products.

3- Gold

You cannot come to Dubai without buying gold jewelery, or at least watch it. So what if your visit was during the shopping festival, when there are irresistible discounts on it?

4- Hours

In Dubai you will find various high-end watch brands such as Omega, Rado and Cartier, along with a wide selection of simple and practical watches to those set with diamonds, without forgetting, of course, the great discounts and discounts on their prices.

5- Lashes

During the Dubai Shopping Festival, you will find all the best kinds of leather products that vary between belts, shoes and leather jackets, which everyone likes.

6- Dried fruits

Shoppers can also get the finest dry fruits varieties among the finest known varieties in the Arab countries, so be sure to use your bargaining skills to obtain prices to your liking.

7- Perfumes and cosmetics

These products are an integral part of any visitor’s purchases during the Dubai Shopping Festival, as a wide range of local perfumes are available alongside major brands, which you will get at amazing prices during the festival period.

8- Textiles

During the shopping festival, you will have the opportunity to see and buy some of the best textile works produced by various countries of the world.

9- Spices

Arabic spices are well known, as they are famous for their strong aromas and their ability to add an irresistible flavor to meals, so buying these spices from the sales stalls assigned to them during the festival is something you should not miss.

10- Clothes and high fashion

In Dubai, you will find countless options when it comes to clothing stores, whether they are local or belong to top names from international designers and brands.

Partners and promotions

As is the case every year, the festival is held in cooperation with a large number of ready partners to help make this major event a success.

Entertainment activities during the Dubai Shopping Festival 2020

Dubai Shopping Festival activities are not only limited to shopping, but cultural and entertainment programs, mobile theatrical performances and fireworks shows are also held throughout the festival.
One of the most recommended places to visit is the Global Village, as it witnesses the largest seasonal cultural celebrations and events in Dubai, and offers visitors a variety of outdoor shopping and entertainment opportunities.
The dates of visiting the global village
From Saturday to Wednesday: from 4:00 pm until midnight.
On Thursdays and Fridays and during public holidays: from 4:00 pm until 1:00 am.
Monday is for families, except for Mondays during public holidays.
– The general entry ticket price to the global village: 15 AED.

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