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Falkland Island

It is an archipelago consisting of more than two hundred islands, and its capital is the city of Stanley, and its land area is 12,200 km2, and it is also called the Malvinas Islands in the Spanish language, the Malawian Islands in the French language, and the system of government in it is autonomy ruling the British Overseas Territory and its national emblem He wanted the right thing, and his economy depends on the tourism sector, the fishing sector, the sheep grazing sector, the point exploration sector, and the ship repair sector, and its official currency is the Falkland Islands Pound, and it is denoted by the FKP.


Geographically located in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean in the southeastern side of the continent of South America, and away from the southern Argentine beaches about four hundred and eighty kilometers, and the highest mountain peak where Mount Osborne, which rises above sea level 705 meters, and one of the most famous plains of the broad and low plains of Lavuna, as for Its climate is humid, cool, and stormy ocean at most of its time.


With a population of 3,140 thousand people, with a population density of 0.26 people per square kilometer, according to estimates by the year 2008 AD, the population speaks the English language which is the official language in it, and the majority of the population’s origins are in Britain, and a minority of the population has origins from France and Jabal Tariq and Scandinavian.

Important historical events

The island was discovered in 1592 AD by Captain John Davies, and in 1690 AD, it was named after Falkland by Captain John Strong, and the first French residential colony was established on its lands in the year 1764 AD, and in the year 1765 AD the first British colony was established on its territory, and the French abandoned their colony In favor of Spain in the year 1766 AD, and in the year 1770 AD, the British expelled the Spaniards from the island, and in the year 1816 AD Argentina declared full sovereignty over the islands, being the sole heir to the state of Spain.

In the year 1833 AD, Britain regained control again on the island, and in the year 1840 AD, the American states recognized the right to restore the island by Argentina, and a dispute broke out between Britain and Argentina over the ownership of the island and was presented to the United Nations in 1958 AD, and in the year 1964 AD the United Nations recommended that Negotiations between Argentina and Britain to resolve disputes and problems and respect the freedom and desire of the population.

In the year 1980 AD, Britain proposed to Argentina to abandon the island for a period of ninety years in exchange for recognition of the sovereignty of the two Agents over it, but the population rejected this proposal, and in 1981 AD General Galtieri, the president of Argentina, began to restore the island through force, and in 1982 AD Argentina began to invade the island, and in 2013 AD Referendum on independence or staying under British sovereignty.

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