Fiji Island

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Fiji Island

Fijian island as it is called in some languages ​​as Hindi, which is an island country located in Melanesia, in the southern side of the Pacific Ocean, two thousand kilometers to the northeast of the island of New Zealand, bordered by the western side of Vanuatu, and from the southwestern side Caledonia of France, From the eastern side, Tonga, and the northern one, Tuvalu, while from the southeast, it is surrounded by Kermadec, and from the northeast, Samoa comes, and its name is derived from the main island in it which is Vito Levu, although the English word for it depends on the name of the neighboring countries, i.e. Tonga.

History and resources

Most of the Fiji Islands were formed as a result of volcanic activity that occurred more than one hundred and fifty million years ago, and there are still some thermal effects of this volcano, specifically on the island of Tafion and Vanua Levu, and inhabited by humans since the second millennium BC, and it consists of more than three hundred and thirty-two islands, Of these, about a hundred and ten islands are permanently inhabited, in addition to about five hundred small islands with a total area of ​​approximately eighteen thousand square kilometers, and the two main islands of Levu and Vanua are inhabited by more than eight hundred and fifty thousand people.

In the period between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries CE, the Dutch and the British discovered them, in which the British established colonies that lasted until the year 1970 AD, more than a century, as a result of containing many natural resources such as fish in addition to minerals, and forests scattered on its lands, and currently depend in Its economy is in addition to tourism and the sugar industry, and it deals in Fijian dollars.


Its system of government is local, as it includes a group of municipal councils that are supervised by the Ministry of Local Government in addition to urban development, in which a coup occurred in 2006 AD, after which Rato Abeley Niliko took over its presidency, and during the Second World War specifically the United States allowed its residents to volunteer to help Allies, and thus join the Australian and New Zealand armies, knowing that the armies and forces in Fiji consist of two parts, land and sea.

Human activity

The prevailing traditions are related to their indigenous people, in addition to some European, Indian and Chinese traditions in relation to the minorities of these countries and they are located in them, and their residents have a special language and certain foods, and a distinct and different clothing system, in addition to a group of political, social and ideological systems, as they practice dance and sports , And a host of different arts and simple crafts.


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