1-Reyhan Pastanesi:

Among the classic places that offer delicious sweet and savory sweet Turkish pastries and delicious sweet cakes and homemade Turkish chocolates are the best Rokoko dishes and is a cake made of chocolate, cream, caramel and macaroon.
Title: Dr. Mustafa Enver Bey Cd. 24, Izmir, Turkey
Phone: 904447946
Working hours are from am7: 00 12:00 am.

2- Meşhur Hisarönü Şambalacısı:

Established in 1942 AD, one of the best places to sample traditional Şambala. Desserts made with semolina baked in milk and sugar with almond syrup are among the best places to try sweets in Izmir.
Address: 901. Sk. 13 / A, Izmir, Turkey
Phone: 905076555767
Cafe page on Facebook:
Working hours: From nine in the morning until eight in the evening.

3- Sevinç Pastanesi

An old and traditional bakery in Izmir offering various delicious Turkish sweets with a distinctive cup of coffee, pastane grove and meringue dessert with fresh fruit is one of the ideal places to eat sweets at reasonable prices.
Title: Ali Çetinkaya Blv. 27 / C, Izmir, Turkey
Phone: 902324217590
Opening hours: from seven in the morning until eleven in the evening.

4- Leone Patisserie:

One of the most beautiful and sophisticated cafes in Izmir, tourists are keen to visit the place because of its delicious Turkish food, desserts and bakery The best dishes Royal Fraisier Distinctive cake of fresh strawberries and chocolate with whipped cream like French sweets.
Address: Alsancak Limanı 29, Izmir, Turkey
Phone: 902324643400
Cafe page on Facebook:

5- Bravo Pastanesi:

Among the most famous places in Izmir to eat delicious and distinctive ice cream, there are many sweet and sincere pancakes, cakes with chocolate, cream stuffed with pistachios and other delicious desserts
Address: Cemal Gürsel Cad. 111, Izmir, Turkey
Phone: 902323367171
Opening hours are from half past six in the morning until twelve noon.

6- Arpege Patisserie:

Among the sophisticated places that offer various types of Turkish and international pastries, sweet sweets with milk and chocolate, chocolate mousse, delicious fruit, pastries with different fillings, and traditional Turkish cakes.
Address: 1382. Sk. 34 / 1a, Izmir, Turkey
Phone: 902324224004

7- Rain Patisserie:
Among the delicious desserts and cakes with low prices and quality service, one of the most popular dishes is the delicious pineapple cake and chocolate salami you can’t miss.
Address: 1378 Sok. 16 / C, Izmir, Turkey
Phone: 902324211291
Opening hours are from nine in the morning until nine in the evening

8- Lozan Pastanesi:

One of the classic places in Izmir that was opened in 1969 AD offers sweet and savory pastries and ice cream of all kinds, most notably the month of lemon ice cream, suitable for hot summer months.
Address: Plevne Bulvarı 25 / E, Izmir, Turkey
Phone: 90232414307
Working hours are from seven in the morning until one in the afternoon
These were the most beautiful places where you can eat delicious and attractive desserts in the city of Izmir, that quiet city is the main port of Turkey in the Asian continent overlooking the Gulf of Izmir along the Turkish Aegean Sea. Tourist attractions and famous for delicious restaurants and traditional Anatolian cuisine and high-end hotels ..

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