France is one of the most beautiful European countries that are visited by millions of tourists throughout the year as the country of France enjoys a lot of magic and charm due to its enjoyment of many picturesque landscapes, especially the French countryside, and there are also many important cities, including the French capital Paris, which may It is called the capital of magic and beauty due to its nature and its enjoyment of many important areas.

The most beautiful rural France:

The French countryside is one of the places that enjoy natural landscapes and a mild climate. It has many visitors around the world. Quiet lovers always organize trips to the French countryside in order to enjoy calm and natural charm in these important rural cities. Among the most beautiful French rural cities are the following:

1- The beautiful city of Chamonix:

One of the rural cities that exist in France, which enjoys the natural landscape that distinguishes it during the summer period, where it is covered by purple roses and covered by snow during the winter period. If you are a fan of skiing during the winter period, Chamonix is ​​among the oldest tourist cities in France, It is worth mentioning that the top of the mountain town of Chamonix is ​​located in a café that does not forget to drink warm coffee with it to warm it in the cold winter at the top of the summit, because that city is near the italyn border.

2- Aux en Provence:

If you are a meditator in the charming nature or a book of poetry and a lover of isolation from the world in a calm atmosphere, the city of Aux en Provence is the ideal city that you must visit during your stay in France, and it is worth mentioning, that city adds a touch of comfort and beauty to everyone It is visited especially by the calm and charming nature in which it exists. This city has many important tourist attractions, including the sacred churches and important historical museums. There is also a garden of painters, and it is worth noting that this city is close to Marseille.

3- Saint-Jean-de-Luz:

If you are a fan of recreation, the city of Saint-Jean-de-Luz is the city that you intend for rest and recuperation. The most beautiful thing about this city is its golden sands, the moment of sunset on the beach and the moments of recreation that you will feel during your time in the city.

4- The city of Grenoble:

That city is distinguished by its longevity and it has many important castles, which you can make many important tours inside it. There is also the Bastille Castle, which is among the most famous castles around the world and it is worth noting, that city is located among the Alps and one of the most famous mountains that They are found around the world.

5- Nantes:

Nantes is distinguished from other rural cities that are located in France by its charming nature, where there are many charming green areas within that city, and there are a lot of clear lakes in which you can see the colorful fish that are inside, as you can rent a small boat and wander in the river and lakes It is worth noting that this city is one of the cities that had contemplated British colonialism, and there the British Duke built a castle that witnessed the matter.

6- Carcassonne City:

It is also the other of the most important rural cities inside France, and the Arabs were able to enter that city during 713 AD. This city is the focus of attention of many photographers from around the world to take a lot of natural images inside.
The French countryside is characterized by enchanting beauty, which is a revelation of the imagination of many writers and authors, and this is not a dream, but a fact in terms of the most beautiful quiet rural areas and beaches until the foothills of the mountains. All the rural areas in France are aesthetic painting intended by the most famous artists around the world from anywhere in another country.
Some have taken advantage of this beauty to create a lot of tourist resorts that provide tourists going to those areas with all the luxuries in terms of requirements, housing, shopping and other vital matters that give an opportunity for the tourist to stay longer in these distinct cities, but all this while maintaining the atmosphere and the original rural appearance The magician, who is the basis of the beauty of the place and the mystery of its splendor.

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