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The imperial palace

The Imperial Palace combines the traditional style of Japanese architecture with European architecture to form a remarkable landmark of Tokyo, Japan, a complex of buildings that cover an area of ​​3.41 square kilometers of natural areas, picturesque gardens, as well as It is surrounded in central Tokyo by the Prime Minister’s offices, the Japanese National Parliament building, government buildings, and the financial district, in addition to its proximity to the train station in Tokyo.
It should be noted that the palace building, which was subjected to numerous demolitions and destruction several times, especially after the Second World War, was rebuilt in 1968, and it includes reception halls, a banquet hall, a banquet hall, an emperor’s office, a drawing room, and others.

Tokyo National Museum

The Tokyo National Museum (English: Tokyo National Museum) is an important tourist destination in the city of Tokyo, as it provides visitors with an opportunity to see Japanese history through different periods of time, through the various exhibitions it includes in Ueno Park, as well as the various structures in it, which means Its magnitude.

Takeshita-dori Street

Takeshita-dori street is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the Japanese city of Tokyo. It is full of vitality, colorful colors, and souvenir shopping centers, vendors, and small shops in an exquisite atmosphere that gives the city a wonderful beauty. .

Ryoguji Park

The Rikugi-en Garden, considered to be the most elegant and elegant city in Tokyo, was completed in 1702 AD, with many running rivers, stone bridges, wooded walkways, wooden cafes, the central pool, etc. It gives tourists the opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking natural scenery.
It should be noted that the trees are illuminated after sunset in the garden, which remains open until nine in the evening in late November and early December, and in spring the large cherry tree located at the entrance to the garden is lit, either in late Fall season, the landscape of maple leaves for which the garden is famous cannot be ignored.

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