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Annecy is a dreamy romantic city in the Alps, which is the capital of the most beautiful region in the French Alps, which is the Rhone-Alpes region, to which Chamonix belongs, which is famous for the Mont Blanc summit and other famous tourist cities in France.

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Forget it
Annecy is an ancient city still preserving its beautiful character, its old alleys, and its buildings that remind you of the Middle Ages. The city of Annecy is built on the edge of the romantic lake of Annecy. From Venice.
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Forget about the winter
The distance from Annecy to Geneva: 47 km
The distance from Annecy to Chamonix is ​​50 km
Distance from Annecy to Lyon: 140 km
Distance from Annecy to Marseille: 425 km
Distance from Annecy to Interlaken: 259 km
Distance from Annecy to Montreux: 135 km
The distance from Annecy to Paris: 550 km
36748 - French lovers city AnnecyLake Wannsee in the summer

Getting to Annecy by car.

You can reach from Geneva, Montreux or Interlaken to Annecy easily by entering the coordinates of your hotel in Annecy and the road is fast and not crowded most of the time and it is always preferable to reach Geneva airport and pick up the car from the French side at Geneva airport and go directly to Annecy instead of Geneva That we do not recommend.

Getting to Annecy by train.

The Annecy train station called Gare d’Enecy SNCF Train Station is located in the city center and close to the lake.
The coordinates of the train station in Annecy:
N 45 54.119 E 006 07.311
There are direct flights from Paris to Annecy via train by this line:
TGV (high-speed train): link Paris-Annecy
Other train trips pass through Lyon, which is the largest French city near Annecy
There are also train trips from Paris to Geneva, and from Geneva you can rent a car or go by bus to Annecy

Getting to Annecy by bus.

The bus
You can go from Geneva to Annecy by bus from the Gare Routiere bus station, which is located near Lake Geneva, specifically behind the Bristol Hotel. If you arrive at the station, search for Forssard company buses that will take you directly from Geneva to Annecy.

City Lovers French Annecy - French lovers city Annecy
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This flower shop in Annecy gained international fame because of its interest in decoration and decorates the store’s view from the outside. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit it, it is located in the center of Annecy. Here are the coordinates of the shop:
N45.54.022 E06.07.567
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Wannsee Castle

The most important tourist activities in Annecy.

Steamboat tour of Lake Annecy with dinner or tomorrow.
The cruise ship takes you from the port of Annecy and passes over 8 beautiful cities overlooking Lake Annecy and you can get off in any city and wander around and then go up on the next ship and complete your tour, but pay attention to the time and schedule of trips only be long waiting between each ship and Others, and the wait may reach more than an hour.
Prices: for adults 14 euros and children 9 euros
The coordinates of the tour company office in the ship.

N 45 53.889 E 006 07.714

The coordinates of the positions of Annecy harbor:
N 45 53.869 E 006 07.866
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Ansi port
From the car parks, you can go to many tourist places on foot. These are some activities that you can do and are close to each other.
1- Lake Annecy tour by boat.
Private boat tours prices:
Little bot
Half an hour for 30 euros and an hour for 50 euros
Medium Boots
Half an hour for 33 euros and an hour for 53 euros
Big Boot
Half an hour for 36 euros and an hour for 58 euros
annecy - French lovers city AnnecyCenter forget at night
2- The Lake Annecy walkway.
3- Visit the old city center of Annecy.
4- Sit in the wonderful Annecy garden and enjoy fresh fruits, ice cream and children’s games.
annecy 1 - French lovers city AnnecyBoat tours in Wannsee
Second: In Annecy, do not miss the Segway experience, and you can take a tour with her team for 32 € an hour and 17 € for half an hour.
These are the coordinates of the Siq Way bike rental office
N 45 53.859 E 006 07.741
Open daily from 9 in the morning until 6 in the evening
annecy france 8941 - French lovers city AnnecyLover’s Bridge in Wannsee
Canal du vasse annecy 2 1024x768 - French lovers city AnnecyForget it
Third: Kooper Annecy or the electric scooter
Rental value: 16 hours – 2 hours 28 euros
And the location of the rental company is close to the lake, Street
The coordinates of the electric scooter rental shop:
N 45 54.129 E 006 07.730
Fourth: Annecy Municipal Park near the Imperial Palace Hotel.
It is a beautiful garden where there are some free children’s games and a small bird park that can be visited at any time for free and there are water games and swimming pools near Lake Annecy with fees
The coordinates of the positions of the municipal park Wannsee
N45.54.281 E06.08.540
Wannsee Suspension Bridge:
A wonderful and beautiful bridge for walking, 15 km from Annecy on the Geneva route.
The coordinates of the positions
N 46 00.792 E 006 06.715
Water Gorges
Open daily from March 15 to October 15
5 euros per person for adults – 7- 5 years, 2.80 euros
Less than 7 years free
The coordinates of the positions
N 45 53.797 E 006 02.645
Paragliding and parachute jumping
And you can try the jumping in Ansi with a professional coach and there are many locations for them
Among these sites:
Talloires Area
N 45 51.169 E 006 13.407
N 45 48.534 E 006 14.679
Great view of Lake Annecy at an altitude of 950 meters.
N 45 51.169 E 006 13.407
Annecy summer slide:
N 45 48.374 E 006 06.039
Small Wild Zoo
N 45 53.067 E 006 07.836
If you are in Annecy, do not miss the visit of the Chamoness French lover near Annecy, and you can take several wonderful tours:
1- Ascending to the summit of Mont Blanc or Mont Blanc, which is one of the most famous snowy peaks in the world, and the height of the summit reaches approximately 3800 meters
The coordinates of the positions of Mont Blanc Summit
N 45 55.010 E 006 52.266
2- The Parc de Loisirs de Chamonix in Chamonix
The coordinates of the positions
N 45 55.450 E 006 52.724
3- Ice Sea train in Chamonix
N45.55.346 E006.52.536
69E81527 7FDB 4089 A5BC FA0D3EB31944 - French lovers city AnnecyThe Galleria Lavitte shop

Shopping in Annecy:

There are three main shopping areas in Annecy.
1- The Old City Center from which many beautiful boutiques branch out from the pedestrian street to a modern mall near the train station, which is the Center Commercial Mall.
Center Commercial coordinates of Annecy
N45.54.250 E06.07.464
2- The Galleria La Vieette Mall
N45.54.423 E06.07.997
3- Ocean Outlet
It is a good option and at a lower price than shopping in the city center
N 45 56.293 E 006 04.407

The most important restaurants in Annecy:

La cuisine de Wadad
Lebanese restaurant
N 45 54.113 E 006 07.376
Le Marakesh
Marrakech Moroccan Restaurant
N 45 53.923 E 006 06.990
Shiva, restaurant indien
Shiva Indian Restaurant
N 45 53.947 E 006 06.937
La Menara
Al Manara Moroccan Restaurant
N 45 53.931 E 006 06.600
Le kebab
Turkish kebab restaurant
N 45 53.909 E 006 07.519
Istanbul Doner
2 Rue de la Paix, 74000 Annecy,
N 45 54.182 E 006 07.523
Kebab Le Nora – Le Nora
19 Avenue de Loverchy
N 45 53.830 E 006 07.291
Taj Mahal
13 Avenue du Rhône, 74000 Annecy
N 45 53.974 E 006 07.006
Alibaba kebab restaurant
Turkish restaurant opposite the parking of Hotel de ville
13 rue du Collège Chapuisien
74000 Annecy
N 45 53.959 E 006 07.618
There is also a Carrefour supermarket in Annecy, and you will find everything you need for it at good prices, and McDonald’s is also located at the entrance to Carrefour Annecy.
N 45 55.581 E 06 07.432

Major hotels in Annecy:

French lovers city Annecy - French lovers city Annecy

1581200009 532 French lovers city Annecy - French lovers city Annecy

1581200009 816 French lovers city Annecy - French lovers city Annecy

As for me, I highly recommend your Imperial Palace Hotel, which is a palace for one of the kings of France, and it has been converted into a hotel located strategically located overlooking the lake from a wonderful and romantic angle. The hotel contains very beautiful gardens in front of the lake.
Quick reservation link for the Imperial Palace Hotel.
For large families, I advise them about the Adajo hotel apartments, located near the train station and almost behind the center.
Booking link for Adayjo apartments
And here is a wonderful apartment in Annecy You will not regret living in it (Annecy apartment)


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