Greek island of Samos

المسافرون العرب

Greek island of Samos

In ancient times, the Greek island of Samos was a major naval power and an important center of trade in the Aegean Sea, as it was in contact with the main Mediterranean cultures, which is the birthplace of the astronomer Aristarchus, the father of mathematics Pythagoras, and it also hosted Herodotus and Isobo, and in it a legend grew up Hera, the center of Ionian civilization, has the largest temple in Greece devoted to the gods of marriage and women only, and currently makes its proximity to the coast of Asia Minor a bridge between the two cultures, and this difference did not stand a barrier to coexistence, cooperation and friendship between the two peoples who live across waters with each other.

Things to do on Samos Island

Samos Island is less developed than other Greek islands, so it boasts wild flowers, and is characterized by its non-polluted beaches, and the most important activities that can be done on this island are the following:

  • Walking: One of the most important activities that can be done in Samos is walking, as it provides many breathtaking paths, such as the paths between Potami and Megano Seitani, and paths around Mount Ampelos and Mount Karkis.
  • Enjoy the originality: The island of Samos remained the same and was not affected by the improvement of the other islands, so it is possible to enjoy views of the mountains, traditional villages, and coastal fields.
  • Spend time on the beach: There are plenty of beaches in Samos that provide good services and are filled with bars and cafes such as Kerveli Beach, Koukari, Poseidonion and others.

Tourist attractions in Samos Island

Among the most important sights on Samos Island are the following:

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  • Samos Town Among the most important tourist attractions on the island is the town of Samos with a population of 6000 people. The town includes an archaeological museum, a main square, and many shops and bars.
  • Basili Amos Beach: It is the best beach on the island and is always filled with tourists.
  • Agia Paraskevi Beach: This beach is 6 km from Samos Town, and has a small harbor and a chapel.

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