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Qatar Peninsula

Qatar Peninsula is a small land area entering the waters of the Arabian Gulf from Saudi lands, and Qatar has now become one of the richest countries in the world after the discovery of oil and gas in it, so the livelihoods of the population have changed radically. One of its ancient historical cities is Al-Zubara.

Al-Zubarah city

Al-Zubarah is a coastal city located on the northwest coast of the Arabian Gulf, about a hundred kilometers from Doha, the Qatari capital, and its lands span over an area of ​​sixty hectares.

The city of Al-Zubarah was the largest city in the Arab Gulf during the period between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, it was a center of fishing and pearl trade, visited by merchants from all regions of the Arabian Peninsula as these crafts were the dominant character among the inhabitants of the Arabian Gulf, so oil was not And gas has been discovered.

The prosperity of this city began to decline in the year 1811, so its inhabitants abandoned it and it became a devastation and is still today, with the exception of its effects that attest to its importance in ancient historical stages such as mosques, old fortified houses, markets, and Al-Zubarah Castle, which are among the most important archaeological sites in it.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization “UNESCO” included the city of Al-Zubarah for the World Heritage sites, which is the first Qatari archeological site to enter the international record, and the first description of the city of Al-Zubarah as a historical site was done by the Danish archaeologists team in the fifties of this century.

Al Zubara Castle

Al-Zubarah Castle is located in the northwestern side of Qatar Island near the city of Al-Zubarah, where this castle with other historical sites such as Umm Al-Shuwail, Ain Muhammad, and Ain Al-Farihah formed an integrated area of ​​various monuments on Qatar Island, but these historical monuments are The mission did not receive the appropriate attention to take care of it as tourist areas and did not undertake projects that help attract tourists to it.

History of Al-Zubarah Fort

Al-Zubarah Castle was built by order of the late Sheikh Abdullah bin Jassim Al Thani in the year 1938 AD with the aim of observing the western coast of the Qatar Peninsula, and it was chosen to build the castle on a high area overlooking the neighboring areas, especially the sea coast, where this castle was built like other defensive castles in The Islamic period is square, with lengths of ribs of 25,60 m. It is surrounded by an open area. Surrounding this courtyard are a group of rooms, a large water well, and warehouses storing supplies. It is also surrounded by four high defensive towers. These towers contain small defensive openings, and their walls were built with high elevations that are difficult to enter without its main door and are easy to defend.


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