Honeymoon in Turkey

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Honeymoon in Turkey

When young people get married, they want the start of their marriage to be unique and beautiful, so they search for the most beautiful countries to spend their honeymoon, to find that the right and best option is to go to Turkey.

Turkey was distinguished by its presence on the picturesque green nature, and the availability of seas in it, in addition to the presence of archaeological sites, as the Turkish state had a great role in developing tourist areas in it, so it established many beautiful resorts and palaces, and prepared a medium-cost program for those who wanted to visit them, so all of these things made Turkey Attention of tourists, and newlyweds.

The most important tourist attractions for honeymooning


It is the façade of Turkey, as it is its capital and the most attractive city for tourists, as there are many places that married people visit on their honeymoon, and these places are:

  • Ataturk Park and Forest, which is a park with many trees and plants in addition to rivers, and the park is characterized by its calmness, and its distance from the hustle and bustle of the city.
  • Shopping mall Metro City, the mall is located in the middle of Istanbul, and contains many distinct restaurants, and also contains beautiful clothes, so it is the focus of attention of married couples to buy clothes and enjoy delicious food.
  • Gulhane Garden, which is a very beautiful garden containing a large amount of colorful flowers and dense trees, in addition to its location on the sea.
  • Puppet Hill, Puduc Chamliga, is a picturesque natural setting with its green view of the sea and ships.

Antalya city:

It is the second city that tourists target after Istanbul, in which:

  • Hadrian’s Gate: It is a beautiful archaeological place built in the year 130 AD, and the first thing that a visitor sees in the gate is three beautiful looking and constructive arches.
  • Ataturk Museum, a building founded by Mustafa Ataturk, and in 1986 AD the building was opened as an archaeological museum that contains many coins, old postage stamps, in addition to the stone artifacts.
  • Beach Park, which is a very large water park characterized by its wonderful design, and the beautiful park there is a show for the dolphin, which provides an atmosphere of fun and pleasure for newlyweds, so that show remains a beautiful memory they will never forget.
  • Saklikent Ski Resort, a great place for skiing at the end of December to April, if the honeymoon was during one of those months, then the couple must enjoy the place, and the resort also has a hotel and a small restaurant.


It is a city located on the Sea of ​​Marmara, and contains many special places, the most important of which are:

  • Luna Park is a green and picturesque park.
  • Eyes of hot water, which are characterized by a high temperature of nearly 45 degrees Celsius, and many shops and museums have been established alongside it to attract the largest possible number of tourists, especially newlyweds.

The best months to visit Turkey

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