How many roles of the Kingdom Tower?

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The number of roles of the Kingdom Tower

The Kingdom tower consists of forty-three floors, two of which are underground, and forty-one above the ground, and it includes forty-five elevators, and the tower ranks 129 globally in terms of height, which is built of concrete and iron, and work began in 1999 AD, and was completed Of it in 2002, with a total height of 302.3 meters.
Kingdom Tower consists of thirteen floors of offices, including a business floor on the fourteenth floor, then the Four Seasons Hotel is located ten floors above offices, followed by five floors consisting of luxury apartments, then Kingdom Holding Company headquarters is located on the thirtieth floor Below the inverted arc, it is worth noting that the Kingdom Tower has four different entrances.

Architectural description of the Kingdom and Podium tower

The eastern part of the Kingdom Tower Podium includes a 57,000 square meters shopping center distributed on three levels, which includes international commercial centers, and many retail stores. The western part of the Kingdom Tower Podium includes a high-level two-story wedding hall and conferences with a capacity for one thousand two hundred people In addition to meeting rooms, royal suites, restaurants, sports facilities, and an outdoor pool, located at the top of the tower is a platform or a gazebo on the bridge at the top of the tower that offers stunning and unlimited views of Riyadh in all directions.

Kingdom Tower features

Kingdom Tower is located in the center of the capital Riyadh on an area of ​​96,000 square meters, purchased by Prince Alwaleed bin Talal in the year 1990 AD, and it is considered the tallest tower in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during the twenty-first century, and it is an oval tower topped by a curved cavity, during which a bridge spanning approximately 60 meters, over Inverted arc, the project includes a tower, and includes a podium of three levels, and parking for up to 3,200 cars.


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