Islamic Egypt landmarks

المسافرون العرب

Islamic Egypt

Since Amr ibn al-Aas entered Egypt in the year 19 AH, the Islamic era began in it, which divides its history into the following:

  • The state belongs to the rule of the Rightly-Guided Caliphs (641-658).
  • State belonging to the Umayyad dynasty (658-749 AD).
  • A state subordinate to the Abbasid dynasty (749-879 AD).
  • The Tulunid State (879-904 CE).
  • The Ikhchidid state (935-968 CE).
  • The Fatimid dynasty (968-1171 AD).
  • The Ayyubid state (1171-1250 CE).
  • The Mamluk state (1250-1516 AD).
  • The Ottoman period (1517-1798 AD).

Islamic landmarks in Egypt

After the conquest of Egypt, the Muslims built many buildings with an Islamic character, and among the most prominent Islamic buildings:


  • Sultan Hassan School, built in 876 AH.
  • The Nasserite School, built in the year 703 AH in Gothic style.

Domes and shrines

In Egypt there is the dome and tomb of Imam Shafi’i, which was built in the year 608 AH during the reign of the full king, and it is one of the largest shrines.

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  • Bishtik Palace, built in 738 AH, is one of the greatest buildings of the Mamluk era.
  • Al-Jawhara Palace, which was built during the reign of Muhammad Ali Pasha in 1812 CE.


  • The hanging mosque (Mosque of Ibn Tulun), which Ibn Tulun ordered to build in 263 AH on a mountain of thanks.
  • The Al-Azhar Mosque, founded by Commander Gohar the Sicilian writer in 359 AH, is considered the first Fatimid building.
  • The Mosque of Amr ibn al-As, built by Amr ibn al-Aas in 20 AH, and is considered the first mosque built in Egypt and Africa.
  • The Ali Pasha Mosque, which was built during the Ottoman era in 1246 AH and was ordered to be built by Muhammad Ali Pasha, to be a burial place for it.


In Egypt there is the castle of Salah al-Din, which was built by the Ayyubid leader Salah al-Din under the supervision of his full brother, the king, and his minister, Bahaa al-Din Qaraqosh, in the year 579 AH, as it shows an inscription engraved on one of its gates.

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Rowell Jeffrey
Rowell Jeffrey
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What dynasty of egypt did Islam arrive?