Arranging a suitcase is not just a random thing or just stuffing things and clothes inside the suitcase, there are some procedures and steps that provide men when arranging the suitcase more free space and more optimal use of those spaces.
This perfect arrangement avoids the man carrying another travel bag besides ensuring the achievement of order and avoiding the mess that often causes wrinkles and deformation of their appearance in addition to the loss and loss of small items such as phone chargers, accessories, and other personal items.
So whether you are a travel fan or experiencing it for the first time, the following report will highlight the most important tips and steps for arranging a travel bag for men for a more comfortable and organized trip.

1- Preparing the travel bag list

In the event that you want to carry a lot of belongings and personal items, the possibility of forgetting one of the items remains very high, so when arranging the travel bag, it is always advisable for those with travel experiences to write a small list containing all the things and belongings that the man wants to take with him and make sure that they exist before Think of putting anything inside a travel bag.

2- Arrange the suitcase early

It is one of the most important tips and steps after writing the travel bag list in order to prevent any confusion in the event of a late flight, so it is always best to prepare and arrange the travel bag at least 24 hours before the trip date, is the early arrangement of the travel bag well in advance of the trip.

3- Precious things and travel bag

Putting valuables such as jewelry, accessories, cash, or even placing important papers inside the basic travel bag that will be placed in the plane or bus in the event of travel by road are serious mistakes that display those belongings and valuable items for loss or breakage, so it is always better to put anything valuable or important in A small bag that accompanies you on the flight when traveling by land or sea alike.

4- Arrange clothes inside the travel bag

Concerning the most important advice regarding the way to arrange clothes inside the travel bag, there are two main rules which are to take only the necessary clothes appropriate to the nature of the trip besides folding and arranging the clothes inside the travel bag in a good way that does not occupy the entire area of ​​the bag by placing all the clothes in the travel bag in longitudinal rows Piece under piece after wrapping it on itself.

5- Optimal utilization of the travel bag space

After adhering to the previous steps on how to arrange clothes inside the travel bag, it is normal for some empty spaces to be used intelligently and ingeniously by placing socks or cutting underwear, hair and teeth brushes, or a mobile charger in these small empty spaces.

6- Separating the contents of the travel bag

This is in the case of placing different and inconsistent contents inside the same travel bag. For example, when placing shoes or perfumes, it is always preferable to separate these types of belongings from clothes by placing them in plastic bags to prevent clothes from getting dirty in shoes or picking up all the contents of the bag for the smell of perfumes.

7- Wash clothes before putting them in the travel bag

One of the most prominent tips that ensure that the clothes enjoy a pleasant smell, especially when traveling long distances by land or air, putting badly smelling clothes with clean clothes inside the travel bag leads to picking up the clean clothes pieces for the unpleasant smells of the unclean clothes, especially if it is related to socks.

8- Sealed plastic bags and travel bags

Use of sealed nylon or plastic bags is very important inside the travel bags because it is ideal for placing any liquid materials such as perfume bottles or hair care products such as gel, creams and hair oils and prevents them from coming into contact with the clothes inside the travel bag.
Besides liquids, the containment of tightly sealed plastic or nylon bags, such as keys and chargers of various devices, makes them essential inside the travel bags.

9 – Light travel bag

When buying a travel bag, it is always better to buy high-quality types that achieve the difficult equation in combining the durability of the materials manufactured with them, as well as their light weight, to give you more comfort during travel without more burdens related to the weight of the travel bag or the fear of its contents being broken or torn.
And certainly the weight of the travel bag at home before heading to the airport. One of the important tips that will avoid you is to pay more money as a result of the extra weight or having to buy an additional travel bag inside the airport in order to allow the bag to board the plane.

10- A distinctive sign of the travel bag

Finally, your travel bag must carry a distinctive sign for easy identification and prevent it from mixing with the bags of other travelers inside the airport by placing a unique label or writing the name and other personal data such as phone numbers and address.

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