Important advice before traveling to Turkey

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Traveling to Turkey is a pleasure favored by Arab tourists, as it is a country that has a European atmosphere, but with an Arab-Islamic flavor that makes Arabs more compatible and comfortable while touring it.

In addition to the rapprochement between the Arab people and Turkey, this beautiful country has wonderful tourism components that vary between monuments, stunning mountainous and beach fronts.

But before you pack your bags to Turkey, you should follow our advice to get the most enjoyment possible during your tourist tours.

1- Learn some Turkish words

Tourists face a general problem in Turkey is that the average street man away from the tourist establishments does not prefer to speak only in the Turkish language and most Turks do not know English or Arabic.

Therefore, you should familiarize yourself with some Turkish words and the basic terms for roaming before going there, with the possibility of using Google’s search for words if you encounter difficulty.

2- Do not pant after expensive restaurants

There is no great diversity in what different Turkish restaurants offer, the dishes are the same in all restaurants, so you cannot believe the offers of restaurants that make you spend a lot of money waiting for unique dishes.

Istanbul in November tourism and culture

This does not mean that the dining experience in Turkey is normal, but it is a very delicious experience and it will remain in your memory for long. Turkish cuisine is very delicious in any restaurant and even in street food, you just have to rationalize your expenses in this item.

3- Beware the taxi drivers

Tricks for tourists to install by taxi drivers are spreading in Turkey, and although this is not the general situation, its spread motivates you to be careful.

In many cases, the driver replaces the securities that you gave him with smaller classes and claims that you gave him less than the required amount, so you have to agree on the cost of the trip before departure and when delivering the money, you bring the amount with a sheet of paper.

4- Do not believe tourist advertisements in the streets

As you go around, you will find plenty of offices whose delegates stand on the street to pick up tourists and many of them promise you great trips, but most of these shows are bad on the ground.

If you find in the itinerary a visit to a honey farm or a silk factory, do not imagine a cultural and civilizational trip, but rather you will discover that you went to a sales outlet and several attempts to force you to buy as a tourist.

Princess Island is a popular destination for Istanbul visitors

In many cases, these offices offer tourists some mountain trips that inspire adventure and encourage them to agree.

But these trips are fraught with dangers, because mountain roads are rugged and extremely dangerous if they are toured without huge equipment, which are not provided by cheap tour offices.

5- Abandon Taksim

Most Arab tourists, especially from the Gulf region, prefer to reside in the Taksim area, as it is a vital main and commercial area, but this decision is not the best.

The division is filled with tourists, the commercial movement and political activities, which makes them always crowded, in addition to the presence of beggars and the representatives of the cruise companies lying in wait for tourists in an annoying manner and the many cases of theft in crowds.

6- To visit Topkapi Palace conditions

One of the most important tourist attractions in Turkey is the archaeological Topkapi Palace, which has witnessed important chapters of the history of Turkey, especially the Ottoman Empire, which has a terrible influence.

But some tourists make mistakes when visiting the palace, such as going there in hot weather, which makes the tour unpleasant as the temperature rises sharply in the place and the palace does not have air conditioning.

Turkey is a country of antiquities and beauty

Also, going too late will push you to stand in a very long queue for tickets, and in this case you can go to the credit card payment window, but it is more expensive.

The most important element of the visit is to hire a guide to visit the palace, and they are abundant around the entrance of the palace and speak several languages, as visiting the palace without a tour guide will not be enjoyable at all.

7- Do not miss these things

Visiting Turkey may not be repeated again, so you should not miss these things on your trip until you have a true memory of Turkey.

You must visit the Bosphorus and enjoy a cruise. You must also visit the historical Grand Bazaar and enjoy the purchase of exceptional goods and souvenirs.

You should also try Lin Omran’s delicious Turkish dish while you are in restaurants, and you should also try Turkish Sauer tea in the café.

Do not return from Turkey before trying the Turkish ice cream on the street, ferry rides and visiting the majestic Topkapi Palace.

Important advice before traveling to Turkey - Important advice before traveling to Turkey
Topkapi Palace

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The beauty of nature in Turkey

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Turkish food is a unique experience

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Enjoy visiting Turkey


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